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Nurture your baby plant by reading its mind using the Monologue plant monitor

Do you get to know when your garden plants get sick, feel cold or remain happy? Do you realize when they need a checkup or require to make their food using water or sunlight? If all this seems to be like a dreamy concept, then just give a glance to this Monologue plant monitor! Designed by Hyun Seok Kang for near future use, this monitor will keep a check on all kinds of needs of your favorite plants. Just like a baby monitor that keeps a tab on the baby’s health needs, the Monologue plant monitor maintains a tab on the health of plants.

The time will soon come when you would be able to understand if your baby plant is feeling hot or cold, or is hungry or thirsty. This gadget called Monologue constantly helps in monitoring the essential information regarding the growth of plants. The device is able to tell you about the temperature and other climatic conditions, moisture levels, condition of soil and moods of a plant at a given time. Moreover, this gadget is voice activated and regularly informs you on the best way to treat your child plant. The Monologue plant monitor is future-designed to assist an old person who wishes to take up gardening as a creative task in his pastime.

This monitor also remembers what kind of plant is set in the pot. The gadget just needs to be installed in the flowerpot and its power is then turned on. When it’s time to manage your plant’s health, you may check the required information on the display panel of monitor and take action per the needs of the plant. Monologue has a plants condition sensor that records the necessary information. This gadget is devised to clearly indicate the information without any form or color disturbances on its display panel. With a finger hole at the back, the device resembles a thermometer and is given a rounded form and warm color for an appealing look.

Via: Yanko Design

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