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Safe and colorful Bobble water jugs

After grabbing the attention of consumers with its on-the-go reusable bobble water bottles, Move Collective has, now, introduced jug size water containers with colorful filter tops. Bobbles were first launched during February 2010 in handy portable sizes.

Founders of Move Collective, appalled by the overwhelming amounts of consumer wastes, considered developing reusable water bottles. Use and throw plastic water bottles contribute a huge amount to the consumer wastes today. These plastic bottles contain harmful compounds like BPA (Bis-phenol A), PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) and Phthalates. Medical researches show that prolonged exposure to these elements of plastic can cause cancer, deafness, vision failure, asthma, endocrine disruption , impair immune system and lead to early onset of puberty etc.

Bobble water bottles are reusable and free from any pernicious chemical compounds. These water bottles come with carbon filter tops. When you fill water from common tap,the carbon filter segregates chlorine and other contaminants from the water. And only filtered water trickles down into the bottle. However, these carbon filters have a predefined lifespan , which is 2 months. After that users would have to replace the filter without discarding the bottle. Move Collective informs its registered users from time to time about the filter replacements through email.

Considering the phenomenal consumer response, Move Collective has now designed jug sized water containers for regular household use. The sleek design of these jugs allows for comfortable setting into a refrigerator’s bottle compartment. Despite the sleek design, they hold more water than they are visibly capable of. Reusable jugs are now available in eye-catching candy shades like, red, magenta, blue, green, white and black.

These New jugs have received good response from consumers and are currently available in markets of North America. For orders worth more than USD 20, the company is shipping the jugs free of cost during this holiday season.


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