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Budget Redose: Give your kitchen cabinets an affordable new facelift

Give your kitchen cabinets an affordable new facelift

The Task

We sometimes tend to live in an age-old home which could be our ancestral property. But, we could never escape the signs of ageing in the building, mainly in the kitchen. Would you like to give a new look to it without spending much of your money? Then here we have a set of ideas which would facilitate in re-modeling your kitchen in tune with the present day trend. Image Credit

Estimated Cost

The cost involved will range from a minimum of $200 to a maximum of $400, which would definitely be an affordable one!

Don’t go broke try this

1. Cleansing and removing
As a first step in the process, clean the kitchen thoroughly. A sponge and a denatured alcohol could be of great help in removing the grimy dirt and grease that are segregated in the kitchen cabinets. Once it is cleaned remove the doors and the hinges supporting it, and store it in a safe place. It will also be better if the hinges and the doors are marked, so that they can be replaced easily when it is to be replaces after painting.

2. Application of primer and paint
When they are completely cleaned and the doors of the kitchen cabinets are removed, first a coating of primer is to be applied with a roller. So initially before painting, it is very vital to give a coating to primer, which would help in eliminating the remaining dirt and grease, else it will affect the painting work. Once the paint is dry, the doors are to be re-attached to the base, which will give you a glowing re-modeled and an entirely new kitchen.

3. Choice of the paint
The next step is to paint the kitchen. Paint is the primary thing which will given the worn-out kitchen a new look. If your kitchen seems to be dark and the shelves inside are also old-fashioned, the right idea would be to choose a bright color which will improve its brightness.

4. Varnish or gloss paint
You can also try varnish or gloss paint as a primary option. First scrub the wooden cabinets, rinse it and leave it to be dried. Then a clear finish can be given either with the help of varnish or gloss paint.

5. Molding
If your cabinets are having flat panels which give them a traditional look, then you can try adding a simple molding which will make it look modern. The molding can also be painted with the current finish, which will give the cabinet doors a new look and style.

6. Hardware
If the hardware used makes the cabinet look outdated, you can buy some new hardware. It is not only an easy option, but inexpensive too.

7. Re-face
If none of the above works out, the best idea will be re-facing the cabinets, it is nothing but buying new cabinet doors and drawers instead of the existing ones. When new doors are purchased matching with the cabinets will preferentially give a face-lift.

8. Adding new knobs
Changing the knobs & drawers pulls will very much give a new look. Some creative knobs & drawer pulls will give an entirely new and a fancier look that too in a very small cost.

Thrifty tips

• Adopt a perfect planning methodology before entering into action. The different works can be clubbed up. For example, the upgrading of the cabinets and the hardware can be done in one shot.

• There is always a preference for granite, which could be replaced by other alternatives which could be equally good and indeed less expensive too.

• When making a choice for paints, try giving oil-base finish paint more preference over a water-base finish for a harder, more stain-resistant, washable and durable finish.

• Also make sure that any kind of damages are repaired by filling, sanding and sealing so that the cabinets do not look worn out.

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