Five tips for parenting tech savvy kids

tech savvy kid

Kids and teenagers are the first generation digital natives and have grown up knowing the marvels of the internet and technology. This is a good thing as most businesses today depend on computers and internet for major and minor operations. However, many children are developing withdrawal symptoms and becoming anti-social and addicted to technology. We bring you five tips for parenting tech savvy kids.


Talk to your children about the good and bad side of internet technology. Let them feel normal talking about their favorite websites. Also, make them aware of the importance of shutting down the system and stepping out for fresh air. Let them know that you are uncomfortable with them being online all the time or browsing certain websites.

No computers in rooms

Keep the computer in a visible space. If the kids insist on carrying their laptops to the room, they must not hide it from you if you happen to walk in. Set limits on how much time can be spent online every day. You can ask your kids what they are doing on the internet in a way that they feel they are teaching you something new. Children love playing the teacher role, and you can also learn something new from them.

Set the rules

You can set the time that can be spent online every day unless it is for some school project. Establish a “no downloading without permission” rule. Plug-ins, games and programs can affect the security of your computer and corrupt important files. Virus, spyware and malware float on peer-to-peer network where kids generally share free digital content instead of buying from valid sources.

Show them sites that can be trusted

You must discuss the use and bounds of credit cards with the kids to avoid their creating a financial disaster. Another important thing is to give them sex education and why it is unsafe to view porn sites. Let them know that you are the right source for getting any information and they need not feel inhibited discussing personal issues with you. Establish a ground rule that gambling sites are not to be visited as gambling addiction is a persistent problem.

Establish trust

You can monitor your kid’s activities constantly. You have to give them the freedom and space to decide what is right for them. Reach an agreement on safe internet use with them and establish trust.

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