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How gadets are ruining relationships between families

Smartphones can help you to easily manage your work while parenting. They can easily dissolve the monotony of parenting but, at the cost of some uninvited charges. Children mimic their parents’ habits and also end up devoting plenty of time to smartphones. No wonder, there have been myriad instances of cell phones ruining relationships between families, and we are most likely to see more of them in the future since smartphone use is gradually increasing now. Here, to begin with, here are 7 ways in which smartphones are certainly damaging the lives of our children.

7 Reasons parents shouldn’t let their children use smartphones

1. Digital Eye Strain

Parents can’t let their children use their smartphones at the cost of their eyesight. Staring at the smartphone screen for extended periods can cause eye distress known as ‘Digital Eye Strain.’ While it can happen to both adults and children, the latter is more likely to develop it and to a much higher degree.

2. Harmful Radiation

Every smartphone comes with a radiation reading with it. Most modern phones have very low radiation values but, they can still become a cause of a number of diseases and disorders. Especially, with the children. Several pieces of research suggest a high risk of radiations for an unborn baby whose mother keeps a smartphone with her at all times.

3. More Sitting, Less Doing

The most prominent reasons why cell phones are ruining relationships between families is that they promote inactivity. Children require at least 1 hour of physical activity daily. As smartphones can consume their attention, the sedentary behavior is increased in children that can ultimately result in obesity and disobedience. We don’t want our children to develop these two traits, but when they are devoting as much as three hours daily to the smartphones, the chances of getting them are pretty high.

4. Multitasking


Smartphones allow you to multitask, even while you’re with the kids. While lucrative, it is inefficient according to new research. Even when your children are concentrating on their smartphones, all their other activities suffer. They might not be as attentive to their studies as they should be. You should make it a point to involve yourself as well as your kid with a single thing other than a cell phone (or any other gadget). This would leave a positive impact on your children plus and would nurture your relationship.

5. Smartphone Use Triggers Sleep Disorders

The blue light emitted by a smartphone screen makes the brain to believe that it is still daytime. This is because it is the same light that is present in the daylight. This causes a disruption in the natural sleep cycle and triggers sleep disorders. Even children develop sleep disorders because of smartphones. Sleep disorders can have a tremendous impact on the personality of a child. By triggering them secretly, cell phones are ruining relationships between families ever since their inception.

6. Addiction to the Internet and Technology


A child’s brain is rapid at learning. When it finds something highly stimulating, it can develop a habit of it really fast. That’s why a child’s addiction to the lucrative world of apps and the Internet can become a hard-to-break habit. This not only promotes more use, but the very addiction itself can also initiate other negative behaviors.

7. Using Smartphones Increases Conflict

It might be common for you to check FB or Twitter while your child is staring at you. However, the latest research on the matter suggests that this is one of the ways in which cell phone are ruining relationships between families. The very act itself can cause an increase in conflict between you and your child as the child’s brain interprets this behavior as void with affection.

How to prevent a cell phone from ruining your relationships

Apart from the following disadvantages, smartphones have certainly given us plenty of advantages as well. If we employ a minimalist attitude towards our smartphone use, it would certainly make our lives better. So, as a parent, it should be one’s top priority to pay attention to their children, and if one has spare time after that, then only one should focus on one’s cell phone, and that too not without proper reason. Since children learn from their parents, this very change of behavior would also influence them in focusing on their lives and not on smartphones.

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