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8 – Awe Aspiring Futuristic Church Designs

Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya Mosque, Istanbul.

Who said age-old traditions and modern aspirations could not blend well into one another? Customs and conventions are best preserved with minor modifications to suit the changing times. Some awe aspiring architectural landmarks around the world will make you believe the same. Here are eight amazing futuristic church designs from around the world that are sure to draw even atheists and agnostics along with the believers towards it.

Futuristic Church Designs around the World

Places of worship can be cool and how! These futuristic church designs are a treat you need for your eyes and your soul:

  1. Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada

    This eye-soothing piece of Gothic architecture, situated in Montreal, Quebec, is much more impressive from the inside than on the outside. The main construction of the church took place from 1824 to 1829 and was designed by James O’Donnell. The interior vaults have a deep blue colour, and the inside of the church is painted with a blend of colours which includes red, azure, blue, gold, purple and silver. The ceiling of the structure is entirely painted deep blue and has metallic stars added to make it look like a piece of heaven close at hand. One may be left gasping at the beauty of the church on seeing the splendid and intricate work of carvings on wood and numerous other statues present to the inside of the church. The most striking feature about the interior design has to be the stained glass windows that do not have a biblical implication but rather, is based on the history of Montreal.

  2. Cathedral of Monreale in Sicily, Italy

    Build in the mixed architectural style of Norman, Arab, Renaissance, Baroque and Byzantine, this magnificent building combines the best of everything. The interiors feature narrow aisles, grey granite monolithic columns which provide support to the eight-point The arches together go up to the divine alter with grand religious paintings, luminous with the light of the candles. Another feature which is easily noticeable is the glass mosaics. These mosaic pictures, arranged sequentially in tiers, depict stories from both the old and the New Testament. No doubt that the Cathedral of Monreale in Sicily has to feature in the list of most wonderful futuristic church interior design around the world.

  3. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia-

    The construction of this popular symbol of Russia started in 1555 in a busy market place, now known as the Red Square. Although the church is constructed in the typical Russian Church Architecture type, this monument stands out regarding its structure, layout and colours. Looking from a distance, the structure appears to look like high-rising fire-flames, touching the blue sky. This palatial structure has entirely been founded on creative brickwork. The three-dimensional elements of architecture have multicoloured onion domes which are a thing of the 17th Century when the Russians were experimenting more with colours. The structure of the church also showcases 25 seats from biblical references. It is, by far, one of the popular landmarks build in modern architecture not only in Russia but worldwide.

  4. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey-
    Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya Mosque, Istanbul.

    Constructed as a Christian Patriarchal Cathedral at the beginning of 537 AD, the structure served as the Ottoman Imperial Mosque later and is a museum now. It is considered as a groundbreaking piece in Byzantine Architecture. Hagia Sophia which means “Holy Wisdom” in Greek is a structure based on brick and motor joints which were constructed combining sand and ceramic pieces. Polychrome marble pillars and gold mosaics constitute its interiors. The most awe aspiring feature of the entire structure is the central Dome which is 55.6m from the floor and is supported by an arcade that has 40 arched windows. There were additions to the structure during the Ottoman period which includes minarets build from white limestone, red brick and sandstones. The architecture of the landmark was way ahead of this time and continues to inspire futuristic church designs.

  5. Cathedral of Brasilia in Brasilia, Brazil-

    Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, this structure is a modernist take on the architectural design of a Roman Catholic Cathedral. The cathedral is constructed in a hyperboloid structure shaped by 16 concrete pillars. On the outside, the cathedral features four 3m tall bronze structures which are a representation of four Evangelists. To the right of the entrance stands the 20m tall bell tower which contains four large bells. The pillar which stands at the entrance of the cathedral has references from the life of the Virgin Mary painted on it. The interiors are designed with ceramic tiles. The outer cathedral roof is made of fibreglass. Sculptures of three angles hand on the interior of the church, suspended by steel cables. The cathedral is such a breathtaking piece of work in modern architecture that it appears to be an edifice from a century later.

  6. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira in Zipaquira, Colombia-

    Although the church does not have a Bishop and thus, is not recognised as a cathedral, it does not fail to attract not only believers in Catholicism but believers of every faith. The Cathedral of Zipaquira is building 200m below of the surface, and the entire church is carved within a tunnel of the salt The bottom of the church has structures that portray the birth, life and death of Christ. The iconic architectural details are embedded in halite rock, and the interiors also include some marble structures. The construction is a revolution in Catholic architectural pattern and is considered as one of the best works in modern Colombian architecture. It is also notable regarding rich cultural and religious Columbian heritage that it upholds. This futuristic church draws as much as 3,000 visitors every Sunday.

These futuristic church designs may simply be termed as a rebellion in the Early Christian and Gothic form of Architecture which shall make people of any faith wonder in awe.

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