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Decoding most revolutionary home decorating trends of the last five decades

revolutionary home decorating trends

Home is the first word that comes to our mind when we think about spending time with our friends and family. It is also a place where we can unwind for the day and recoup our energy. Every person has his/her own vision about how he/she wants to decorate a house. While some people like to keep things simple, some love to decorate it with various kinds of artefacts and colors.

No matter what you design you choose; at the end of the day, the finished look is what matters. Every year various home decorating trends hit the market. Some deal with colors, some with furniture and a few that mark the overall concept or themes. In this article, you will get to know the home design trends through the decades that have made a permanent mark and are now termed as classic designs or trends.

The Box styled home decorating trends of 1960’s

Box styled home decorating trends If you are looking at the furniture styles by decade; the box style furniture is something that you cannot forget. During the 1960’s, this was the most popular trend for people looking out for individualistic designs.  Today, you can still find this trend in many houses and commercial spaces and is perfect for small spaces.

Other trends of the 1960’s

During the 1960’s apart from the box styled furniture, the era was also the time when floral and psychedelic patters were in style. It was also the era when homes had open plans alongside subdivisions of larger rooms to create the privacy factor.

1970’s home decorating trends marked the introduction of wood panelling

Wooden panellingWooden panelling is still one of the preferred interior trends in many homes today. In fact, this is one of the classical trends that are present in practically every home. Although interior decorating through the decades have changed, the concept of wooden panelling has sustained its competition and made its own mark. Given the fact that wood is one of the most readily available and cheapest materials in the market, it does not come by any surprise that wooden panels are still in demand.

Other home decorating trends of the 1970’s that is worth a mention

In the western countries, apart from wooden panels, wooden carvings on windows and terrazzo flooring dominated the home decorating trends. It was also the area were many followed a more assertive and conventional approach.

1980’s: wall paper and frosted glass ruled the market

Wall papersWall papers and frosted glass are popular even today, but during the 1980’s, you could see them everywhere. When looking at home design trends through the decades; we can clearly see how the design and concepts of wall papers have changed. During the 1980’s geometric shapes and contemporary styles sold like hot cakes. If you want to replicate the 80’s look, then wallpapers, carved chandeliers, laminated flooring, frosted glass and extravagant curtains are some of the elements to consider.

Other home decorating trends that ruled the 80’s

Loud colors like neon’s, dark colors like hunter green and pastels shades like peach and beige were very prominent. Even mirrored walls were used to add some volume to smaller spaces. New materials became the first preference for designers. Even the concept of multifunctional areas took birth which game room to various multifunctional furniture styles by decade.

1990’s home decorating trends combines with the key player – technology

 Curtains were replaced with blindsTurning the clock back in time, we will now look at the interior decorating through the decades which made their mark during the 1990’s. This was the era where things started to change drastically. Curtains were replaced with blinds, modular and sectional couches were in demand and our living rooms welcomed the World Wide Web though our desktops. For gamers, their Nintendo consoles were a part of their home decorating trends.

Popular home design trends through the decades take took birth during the 1990’s

The 1990’s also founded various popular home decorating trends like geometric contours and sleek lines. Interior designers also started to use stainless steel in many furniture styles by decade. Colors that ruled the era were greens, blues, silvers and greys which were also termed as shots. Computers and Nintendo consoles were placed in the living room and were also part of the home decorating trends of that era.

The start of the new millennium – 2000’s

The start of the new millennium - 2000’s2000’s not only marked the change of the millennium; however, it also brought in a major change in interior decorating through the decades. While the IT sector was growing drastically, even home decorating trends changed to suit the needs of people. Now home owners were looking out for designs that emphasized more on living comfortably and giving people their own personal space. It was also the time when the emphasis was more adopting home design trends through the decades that were based on enhancing the quality of living.

Trends that hit the headlines during the turn of the century

Mid-century designs hit headlines in home decorating trends for 2000’s. The concept of less is more became very popular. Even open floor plans, natural accents and elements and clean lines were a part of the movement. We also saw the increasing demands in outdoor furniture styles by decade like stone benches, rustic looking furniture and furniture restoration.

Forwarding to the home decorating trends of the 2010’s

Forwarding to the home decorating trends When you look at homes today, it is all about micro homes which are loaded with various kinds of technology based home gadgets. Even home automation has become an important element of homes today. This decade has seen interesting and rich colors alongside the touch of stainless steel appliances and gadgets.

Trends that are a hit during the 2010’s

The present era is all about evolution of various trends from different eras and how they can be incorporated in today’s lifestyle. Although it can be challenging; however, a good interior designer will easily be able to do the job for you in the most effective and efficient manner.


It is very interesting to see how interior decorating through the decades has evolved over the years especially when you want to bring in different elements while designing your home. While choosing any trend, you need to ensure that you keep in mind the present living standards. This is why, it always best to take a professional advice and decorate your home accordingly.

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