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Most common décor mistakes and how to avoid them    

One of the biggest challenges that many homeowners’ face today is decorating their home in the right manner. There is a thin line between what we feel is right and what is actually the right way of decorating a space. Interior designing is not just about painting the walls, placing decorative pieces or plants or even buying the best furniture. There is more to that than what meets the eye.  While decorating a home, the placement of each and every small thing plays an important role. Through this article, we will check out some of the most common home decor mistakes that many homeowners do. Moreover, we will also discuss about the best tools that you can use to resolve these mistakes.

Proportion and scale – the two main tools in interior design problems and solutions

Before we start addressing the problems in interior designing, let us first understand the two important tools that you can use. You can strategize the way you want to design and decorate your home using the proportion and scale technique. If you understand these two important tools, it will help you to avoid the common home decor mistakes that people make. With the help of these two strategies; you will easily be able to decorate any sized space without going overboard.

The 2/3 rule is essential

right sized furnitureThe 2/3 rule emphasizes more on the proportion factor. This rule is used mostly when you want to consider purchasing or making any kind of furniture. The aim of this rule is to ensure that you right sized furniture is placed in the right spot. One of the best bad interior design examples to understand this is using large sized furniture in a small room.

How can we prevent home decor mistakes while placing furniture?

To use the 2/3 rule while choosing furniture, all you need to do is first measure the room where you plan to place it. Once you have the measurements handy, you can start working backwards until you narrow down to the right measurements. First select the closest wall where you plan to place the furniture. The size of the furniture should only be 2/3rds of that wall. Similarly, if you want to place a coffee table or a center table, that should be 2/3rds of the furniture that you choose. This way, you can prevent making the common home design mistakes while decorating small homes.

Balancing the visual weight to prevent home decor mistakes

furniture placed in the roomAnother thing that we need to look at while decorating any space is the visual weight. Have you ever walked into any house and felt that the furniture placed in the room was too heavy or it looked cramped? This appearance is what is called the visual weight. In interior design problems and solutions this term is used when we talk about how the overall space looks when we place secondary pieces like buffets, end tables etc. One of the best ways to avoid the commonly known home decor mistakes on this front is the balance of choosing the right sized furniture. It is also one of the classic bad interior design examples that most homeowners do not realize.

How can we correct these kinds of home decor mistakes?

There are three main points that you should keep in mind to prevent home design mistakes while decorating small homes. They are:

  1. Make sure that you choose a variety of differently sized and weight furniture. This will not only help to prevent home decor mistakes but will give your house a balanced look.
  2. Heavy items and furniture make the room look heavy; so, while choosing heavy items or furniture keep a restriction on the numbers based on the size of the room or space.
  3. The space will look ungrounded if you use many airy items. This is why; you need to ensure that you do not put too many airy items to bring in the balance.

For example

If you have a small space, restrict the heavy furniture to just one big 3 seater sofa and blend that with two simple chairs. To bring in the balance, you can add a decently sized center table along with big sized vases or a single coffee table on any one side.

Your instincts are your best guide to prevent home decor mistakes

 interior design We all are blessed with an inner voice that lets us know if something is good or not. The same is applicable while addressing any interior design problems and solutions. Have there been times when you have arranged things or furniture in the room and stepped back to have a look at it. Did you ever listen to your inner voice about where and how you need to place a particular furniture or decorative item? These are just some of the examples that help explain this point. Your instincts and visualization abilities can actually help you to avoid any of the home decor mistakes that people do.

How do we prevent home decor mistakes by using our instincts?

The improper placement or selection of any item is one of the best bad interior design examples that we can take. When it comes to a small sized house, you have to be very careful about each and everything that you buy. Just because it appeals to you; does not mean that it will look good when you place it at home.

A final note on how to prevent home decor mistakes

prevent home decor mistakesBefore or while purchasing anything for the house, it is always best to take a step back and give it a thought. The size of the house does play a vital role; but, even the kind of things you choose are equally important. To prevent home design mistakes while decorating small homes, the points that are discussed above should not be avoided. You should also remember that designing your home is not about adding only the beauty factor; it is also about what kind of things you choose. Each and every element, big or small collectively contributes towards the final touch of how your space appears.

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