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4  – Easy and effective traditional parenting tips for modern parents

Parenting in any age or era is a challenge on its own. No matter how many guidebooks or articles you may read; nothing can prepare you for the real deal. Parents play a vital role in any child’s development and without any doubt they are the foundation in any child’s life.  Let us check out some traditional parenting tips for modern parents and how you can incorporate them.

The difference of parenting then and now

safe and happyThere is a big difference between raising kids vs. kids raising themselves. In the olden days, parents were more in control and knew how to draw the line. Children were brought up in a more rough and tough manner. As kids, we had to earn luxuries and make do with what we got.

In today’s modern and technological world, kids seem to be taking over the parenting reign into their hands in many ways. The modern parenting system is a lot more lenient, protective and pampered in nature than the traditional methods.

1.     Freedom comes with responsibilities

Freedom comes with responsibilitiesKids of today are free to decide for themselves. No doubt, this is a good thing since it helps them in the long run. The one thing that they do not realize is the responsibilities that come along with the freedom.  One of the traditional parenting tips for modern parents on this front is to start giving children responsibilities and let them earn their freedom.

For example

Before letting your child go for a night out or a stay over, let him/her be responsible enough to organize one at home. Sit down with your child so that he/she can make a small check list to ensure that everything is organized properly and also be responsible enough to ensure that everything is under control.

How will this help?

If you look at the traditional practices, kids were thought to be responsible for their own actions and decisions at a very early age. The traditional parenting tips for modern parents on this front are to get kids to understand the value and real meaning of freedom. It also helps them to differentiate between reality and illusions. You can also start by letting your child go and run errands under your supervision to get him/her to understand the responsibilities of freedom.  This is another technique that parents in Japan use to teach children the importance of being responsible even when they get the freedom or independence.

2.     Pocket money is no longer earned it’s just given

Pocket money is no longer earned it’s just givenBack in days, kids had to earn their pocket money. Some kids used to do different chores within the house to earn a weekly amount. This not only made children understand the value of money; however, it was also a great way to train them up. Today, parents just give in to the demands of their children by buying them expensive things whenever they ask for it.

For example

So how can you how to incorporate traditional parenting methods in today’s world on this front? Well, it’s simple; if you want to give your child the freedom to choose his/her clothes, give him/her a certain budget for the amount that he/she can spend. Also make it a point to let them save a little money from their pocket money or cash gifts and pitch in for their shopping. This will help them to understand the importance of money, how they need to budget themselves and the importance of saving.

How will this help?

Kids often take parents for granted; moreover, their constant demands and needs for having things that are TRENDING; is actually making them more materialistic. With this small and simple exercise, you will get your kids to understand the value of money and the importance of saving.

3.     Food is now a bribe instead of a nutritional factor

Mother and daughter eating pizzaFast food, snacks, food on the go etc. these are just some of the many downfalls of today’s diet. It is not only children but even adults are equally doing the same thing. In fact, food has now become just something that is eaten to sustain and not something that is supposed to be nutritional.

For example

Today, it is very common to find a lot of snacks inside a mother’s bag. The very fact that children should not be hungry drives parents crazy. When looking at traditional vs. modern day parenting tips; it is worth mentioning the traditional practices that are followed in France and South Korea on this front. Children are thought to be patient and eat when it is the right time.

How will this help

One of the most essential parenting tips for new parents; children need to learn the importance of eating good food at the right time. This will also help them to understand the importance of enjoying their food instead of just gobbling it. Moreover, they will learn the importance of eating only when their body needs it and not just for the sake of it.

4.     Understanding traditional parenting tips for modern parents on bedroom privacy

Bedroom privacyBedroom privacy is the next thing that we need to look into in the list of traditional vs. modern day parenting tips. Today, it is very common for a child to have his/her own room at a very early age. In fact, they take bedroom privacy so seriously that parents do not know what children are really doing.

For example

Late night chatting, being online for long hours and the increasing risk of cyber-crime and predators are just some of the many challenges that come with bedroom privacy. What is even scarier is the fact that children even get caught up with the wrong crowd and end up playing life threatening games like the Blue Whale.

How will this help

To prevent this, let us look at the traditional methods followed by parents in Japan and Serbia. Kids are thought to co-sleep with their siblings and family members to make the learn how to adjust. The privacy factor only comes in after they go to college or start working.  This not only helps them to learn how to adjust, but parents can keep an eye on what the child does at night.

Something to think about on traditional parenting tips for modern parents

parentingIt is very easy to blend in traditional parenting tips for modern parents while keeping in mind the children off today. All that need to do is play smart instead of just trying to get kids to follow the ground rule by fighting or arguing with them.


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