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Guide for Busy Parents to Connect with Their Children


This is no news or revelation that a busy schedule does steal you of your time to do stuff you would otherwise prefer doing. Speaking of a busy schedule, parents of young kids have a hard time managing personal and professional affairs at the same time. Mothers and fathers alike have a tough time balancing both their careers and children well together.

Many career-driven parents have employed people to take care of their child while they are away at work. Even so, as parents, it is important to establish a connection with your kid that will be consistent in the long run. It is no child’s play to cope up with both equally well. It is a journey of joy and learning for the parents too, and hence a little bit of guidance and advice won’t hurt.

So, Dear Young Parents, here are some suggestions exclusively for you:

Be in the moment:


At work, you need to focus solely on the task at hand. You cannot afford to have your attention diverted at any cost. The same rule must be applied when you are with your family. You shouldn’t allow yourself to get distracted by work due to any reason whatsoever. Put away your PC and laptop and files, and simply be there for your children when you go out with them. Even carrying out mundane tasks like dinner and sleeping can be made enjoyable and interesting by talking and joking around.

Take spontaneous vacations:

 spontaneous vacations

If your work profile allows, you can take a couple of days off twice or thrice a year to unwind and spend time with your children and family. You can even keep aside an entire weekend without distractions from work, for the sole purpose of teaching your children and learning a thing or two from them. Take them out for walks, to the zoo, or just to the park. Allow them to know they can count on you when the need arises. This is an effective way of connecting with your child without having to say anything in particular.

Lend an ear:

Lend an ear

Never miss a chance of communicating with your kid, especially when they come up to you themselves and initiate a conversation. You need not always talk. Let them do the talking, and you do the listening. Ask them open-ended questions to keep the conversation going. Let your children develop with you a bond of trust and reliability. Children love talking, and if you continue listening to them on a regular basis, they will soon come up to you with bigger issues of their lives to seek your guidance.
Establish a strong bond with your baby’s staff:

Working hours compel you to hire certain professionals to look after your baby in your stead. Be in regular touch with your child’s caretaker, their nanny or their daycare staff. Know, through them, how your child is doing and performing. Ask them to look out for subtle changes in your child’s behavior. They may provide you with useful information regarding the child, working upon which will help strengthen your bond with your child. Know that your child’s caretakers are doing the best they can in order to look after your child. Be nice to them and offer your help whenever they need it.

Develop your own methods:

own method

All above-mentioned guidelines are tried and tested by regular people like us. It is only because these methods serve your purpose, they are laid out here. Every child responds differently to any situation they may be subject to. Applying these generic changes to your lifestyle may even help you deal with a difficult or an extremely shy child to a considerable extent.

You can always come up with better and different ways of connecting with your child regularly despite your busy schedule. You know your child better than anyone else. You know what makes them open up. Do anything and everything in your power to win their trust, maintain it, and keep it up.

Remember that your child solely relies on you and your spouse in the first few years of their life. During this time period, they will not just want you, they will need you. Make sure you are readily available for them regardless of their asking for it.

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