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Using Positive Parenting to Control Temper Tantrum

It is a very common problem for parents when their children display temper tantrum. When they shout at the top of their voice, it also becomes harder to control them or do anything about it. In such cases too, positive parenting can help parents in controlling their children’s temper tantrum. Now, what you can do is to start by redirecting your child. You can be lucky if your child is quite young. Younger kids are easy to be distracted. When they show temper tantrum, simply redirect them to see something that they like. This can make children happy and calm them instantly.

Redirecting is one of the most effective positive parenting techniques that can work when your child is displaying temper tantrum. Another way to control them is by displaying your calmness. You may pick up your kid and give them a gentle hug. You may stroke their hair or ask them to be calm by whispering in their ears.

When your kid watches that you are behaving calmly, they also start calming down. They start controlling their emotions when they find you helping them to do so. Thus, showing affection at the time of temper tantrum can actually bring positive results.

Another way to positive parenting is by rewarding children when they display positive behavior. Rewards act like positive reinforcement for kids. You can expect kids to react positively to a good offer. Provide them a reward whenever they show positive behavior. In addition, explain to your children that this reward would continue until they keep displaying good behavior.

For example, you could allow them to play their favorite game when they stop crying or showing tantrum. However, discontinue this reward if they show temper tantrum again. Thus, this reward will only reinforce the behavior of not displaying temper tantrum.

While such positive parenting techniques should help you deal with the temper tantrum of your children, you may use a stronger alternative when it is highly required. Use time outs when your kid misbehaves. Time outs instantly show them the results of their improper behavior. A time out not only shows them the consequence, but also gives them a breather through which they may ponder over their wrongdoing. They get time to think about their behavior and try to calm them down. This gives them a chance to alter their behavior in future.


Positive parenting practices can help you control your children’s temper tantrum. You can use techniques like redirecting, showing calmness and rewarding positive behavior of children.


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