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Smart bathroom gadgets you must take home


Bathrooms for many are not a priority when it comes to splurging money on gadgets for a smart home. Probably, such individuals don’t know the worth and the potential of bathroom gadgets available on the market today. A plenty of them can make your bathroom clever and smart. Here are some of the best you can consider:

Kohler Numi Toilet

Kohler Numi toilet proves the point right that money can buy you every comfort in the world. Its basic purpose remains the same like any other ordinary toilet but its other extraordinary features set it apart from the ordinary. It is a toilet that automatically raise and close the seat, has a self-cleaning bidet with adjustable water temperature and pressure controls and warms up your buttocks and toes.

It is aesthetically pleasing as well having ambient lighting in seven colors. The other interesting and impressive features include a built-in speaker system with an ability to connect to a remote docking station, a Bluetooth speaker, a touch screen panel remote, an SD card slot for personalized messages and custom playlists, and a USB port for software updates.

Smart Bathroom Mirror

You must have come across a few other smart bathroom mirrors but nothing like this one created by Max Braun, a software engineer at Google. Created using a controller board, a two-way mirror, a display panel and some other components and supplies, he created a perfect smart bathroom mirror.

You can check time, date and current weather on the right side and a 24-hour forecast on the left side of the mirror while checking yourself out in it. News headlines display in the lower part of the mirror with most part of the text and icons in monochrome. Android APIs powers its user interface and Braun is working his best to enhance both software and hardware to make it even more useful and special.



For the eco-minded souls and for the ones who desire saving some money on their water bills, Waterpebble is a must-have smart bathroom gadget. A pebble shaped device that monitors the water going down the plughole. The very first time you use it, it memorizes your shower time and the amount of water used.

For all your next showers, it indicates when it is time to finish taking shower using three lights – red, orange, green.The green light indicates the start of your showering, orange indicates it is half way up and red indicates it is time to stop. You must try to stop taking shower as soon as the red light appears. In case, you feel the first shower you took was long or short, you can always reset Waterpebble.

Dyson Airblade TapHand Dryer

It is a faucet, which not only you can use to wash your hands but to dry them as well. The faucet indicates volumes of convenience that it offers to its users. Doubling into a hand dryer, DysonAirblade Tap dries hands in 15 seconds using a 400 mph blast of air.

Equipped with infrared sensors, the faucet determines the hand position of a user. Its built-in HEPA filter removes bacteria from the air to prevent them from sticking back to your hands, which is unlike other hand dryers that usually throw back bacteria and viruses onto hands.

Bathroom Cleaning Robot

If you do not like cleaning bathroom after you take a shower, you can rely on this very efficient bathroom-cleaning robot. The innovative bathroom-cleaning assistant cleans it quickly as soon as you plug it to a bathroom tap. It cleans showers, bathtubs, floors, and its suction pads enable it to climb walls to clean them as well.

With all these smart bathroom gadgets, you will feel like spending more and more time in your bathroom. They are adept at turning boring or not so special bathroom routines into pleasurable bathroom experiences one will look forward to.

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