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7 – Ways your home decor choice reveals your personality type

home decor choice

People make out from your outfit as what type of personality you have, the same way you decorate your house tells a lot about your personality type as what kind of person you. It’s a reflection of you in a way. Everything put up on your house can reveal different aspects about you. This is the reason the interior designers take the owners thought into consideration when designing the house. If you want to know more about this, here are some interesting things to find out what your home says about you and how you can use it for better.

1.     Color Palette

home decor choiceThe color palette of your house can tell a lot about your personality and the type of nature you have. The color of your wall, furniture, and furnishing reveal about the type of person you are. Each color palette has a different suggestion and they all are different from each other. Like red is considered a color of passion and love, it’s a bold color which can be used both as love and anger.

At the same time, red stimulates hunger so you can get that color in your dining area for providing the proper effect. Yellow is the color which makes the surrounding cheerful and invites positivity and luck. Yellow color refers that a person living is a very creative and intellectual Person.

Coming to the color blue, it’s a calming color which gives a feeling of relaxation perfect best for your bedroom and says that the person is laid back and relaxed. And the green color symbolizes adventurous people who like to spend time outdoors more than indoor.

2.     Personal artifacts reflect a strong side of you

The foremost thing people notice when they enter your home is your Decor choice. They notice how much you have incorporated the décor into your home. Every vacant space in your home should be decorated and personalized so that it can tell a story by itself. Decorating artifacts at your walls tell a different story. They show that the person is very creative and has a strong sense of self.

Adding a lot of décor and artifacts reveal that a person is a very creative and deep thinker. It can also tell that person is in love with arts and crafts and have a passion for arts. The best part is the artifacts makes your home beautiful and attractive and it definitely adds to your personality. 

3.     Similar design throughout your home

home decor choiceSome people like to give their whole house a same appearance and décor which says that the person sees and embarrasses the life as it is. Different types of furniture from the same store arrange in different rooms, or the same type of décor in every room reflects that the person likes to have a clean, quiet environment near him. It also reveals about person’s personal affair like they wanted to have a long-term relationship or keeping the same job. This type of décor tells that the person likes to be stable and settled down and doesn’t want to have too many changes in his life.

4.     Busy desk, too many things happening in your life

If you are having a lot of things messed up in your room or in your desk that means that there is a lot of things happening in your life. They may be personal, professionally and in another way around. The perfect workspace gives a vibe of shorted personality and you are contending in whatever you are doing and it happens vice versa if a person has a messy, cluttered and haywire workstation. 

5.     A bare space represent fear of commitment

home decor choiceSo many of us might have noticed empty spaces in certain houses, which make us feel why it is so? Sometimes the most focal point of the house is left bare and catches the eyes of the onlooker. This can give a vibe that the person is a little hesitant and has fear of making decisions and is also commitment phobic. Also, that person has fear of making expensive design mistakes in his home and that is the reason the place is left unused. Sometimes people who haven’t planned anything in advance also lack in decorating their space. It also shows unorganized personality and you can easily find out as you walk inside their house. 

6.     Living room furniture arrangement speaks a story

Have perfect seating arrangements in your living room as it can tell a lot about your personality and your psychology. The way your furniture has been arranged in your living room if it’s facing each other or chair and sofas are arranged in a way that people can easily talk and interact, it means that you are more of a social person. You like to interact and be in the company of your friends and loved ones. And if the chairs, sofas and other seating arrangements are placed far away from each other or facing towards TV, it directly shows the detachment of the people from the outer world and person likes to be alone and likes to enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

7.     Lots of appliances make you a perfect host

organised-kitchen.jSome people have this love for so many appliances, crockery. Lots of appetizer plates and all other things related things in their kitchen, it gives a personality that the person likes to have a social gathering and likes to host anytime. They like to treat people with their homemade food. You might also find out from the type of appliances in the kitchen if a person likes to cook or eat outside more.

So designing a home is a great task and one of the adventurous one too but at the end of the day you like what you like and you cannot change your design style. So your home will show your personality which you will provide and there is absolutely no problem in it. Provide your home with a different and unique touch which only you can have.

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