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Synthetic diamonds vs natural diamonds: What’s the difference?

If you see the real diamond and synthetic diamond with naked eyes, then they look the same. But, the features of the two diamonds are totally different. Real diamonds come from below the Earth and synthetic diamonds are formed by the men. Extensive research and development need to create lab-grown diamonds.

Here is the difference between synthetic diamonds and real diamonds:

Definition of Synthetic diamond

diamondsA synthetic diamond is a lab-made diamond. It is a complete copy of the natural diamond. The process and methods are same to create an artificial diamond. Compared to natural diamond, it has the same structure of crystal lattice. The age of natural diamond is 3.3 billion years, and that is why it is so rare and special.

How is it made?

Natural diamonds are found with the help of marine mining, alluvial and pipe. But synthetic diamonds are made in the lab. A scientist will keep the carbon under the high pressure and in the high temperature to create a crystal of diamond. The deposition of chemical vapor is yet another way to create a synthetic diamond. In the lab process, the scientist will collect each diamond crystal, and then in the chamber, it will grow one by one layer.

Is it expensive?

Synthetic diamondCompare to natural diamonds, the lab-grown diamonds are 20-40% expensive. The price will differ if the color of the two diamonds is different. So, the man-made diamonds are also rare and expensive. To differentiate between real diamonds, and man-made diamonds, you need to under the basics of the diamonds.

How to choose synthetic diamond?

In order to identify a natural diamond, you need special equipment. The inclusions in the natural diamond are different from the synthetic diamond inclusion. You cannot see all the inclusions with the naked eyes. You should ask the grading report from the jeweler. The report will say you that whether your diamond is synthetic or not.

Where to find synthetic diamond?

Synthetic diamondYou will find the lab-made diamonds in the laboratories. The process is usually the same, and mostly they are used as engagement rings. Though you cannot find the difference, you can look for the synthetic diamond in the center of the engagement band.

Are they fake?

The origin of both natural diamond and synthetic diamond is different from each other. But, the structure of both the diamonds is the same. So, lab-grown diamonds still belong to real diamonds. The chemical composition and physical properties are same for both the diamonds. But natural diamond still remains the best friend of a woman. Even the gemologist gets confused in the identification of natural and lab-made diamonds. Then, the common man is far away from the identification.

The natural diamond carries the charm, beauty, and elegance. It comes straight from the Earth’s crust and adorns its beauty in a woman’s finger. The journey is not easy. But all the hardships make it worth for a life preserver.

Lab diamonds in the classic round shape

Synthetic diamondThe round classic diamond cut is the perfect shape of lab-grown diamonds. Previously, lab diamonds were small, but now you can get lab diamonds up to 3 carats.

In great colors and shapes

You will get lab diamonds in oval, emerald, radiant, princess, Asscher and cushion shapes. If you love a color diamond, then you will get lab diamond in pink and yellow.

Natural accent

diamondsCompare to natural diamond, lab diamonds come with a natural accent.

How to Distinguish

If you cannot distinguish the lab diamonds with the natural ones, then there is nothing new. These lab diamonds are made in high pressure and high temperature, which creates exactly the Earth’s crust temperature. The high-temperature results in carbon atoms that form a diamond crystal structure.

Attractive prices

diamondsIn comparison to quality and size, the lab diamonds are 30% less expensive than natural diamonds. These diamonds are luxurious in terms of durability and beauty. The stimulants like mossanite and cubic zirconia are not carbon crystals. They do not give the same effect as the synthetic diamonds. The chemical properties of synthetic and simulant diamonds are totally different. Somehow the synthetic diamonds are little less expensive when compared to the natural diamonds.

Benefit of lab-made diamonds

Well, synthetic diamonds are less expensive. If you cannot afford the beauty of a natural diamond, then you should buy lab-made diamonds. They are worth for you, and no one can find out the difference between the natural and man-made diamonds. They look the same. It is precious, beautiful and elegant.

Know the 4 C’s

Synthetic diamondThe color, cut, clarity and carat are the 4 C’s of a diamond. This 4 C’s will determine the price and the quality of the diamond. In each grade, 4 C’s are different because each diamond is unique. If budget is important for you, then you can opt for low clarity grade diamond.

Engagement ring style

If you are buying a lab-made diamond for an engagement ring, then be sure on the return policy. It will help you exchange if you want a different style and different size.

Consider Simulant

Though lab made diamond is affordable compared to natural diamond, still if you find them out of the budget, then you can consider alternatives that are eco-friendly. You can choose Simulant for your big day. It is great to wear, and you cannot make the difference at one go.

Do the Research

Before you take up any decision, it is better than you do complete research on the types of diamonds. It will help you know what is happening in the markets. The research will clear your doubts, and you will get an idea of what kind of diamond you want for yourself.

Final Words

Now that you have understood the difference between the natural diamond and synthetic diamond, you can buy it from the desired brand and store. It is easily available in the market and with the naked eyes, it is impossible to understand the difference. All you need to ask for the grading report, and it will give you a detailed picture of the diamond type.


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