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A well decorated home is a dream for all but realised by few. An important step towards realising the dream is to imbibe craftily the traditional style into modern décor. We often fail in the attempt of trying to maintain a balance and proportion in mixing old and new. Blending vintage furniture with modern decor is a task in itself and there are several means to do it just the right way. Decorating with antique can pay off rich visual dividends if done properly and is definitely worth an attempt.


To start off, a theme is like a guidebook to have while decorating with antique. The theme can range from being based on some country or a particular design specific. Shabby Chic, Mid-Century modern, French country, the list is long to choose from. A set theme can be the base from which one can proceed into further intricate details.

Since it is always better to know what we are trying to achieve, a pre-set idea definitely helps. There are several combinations to choose from. The pairing can be between modern décor with antique accessories or antique decors teamed with contemporary accessories.  The selected theme and the pre-set idea can be beneficial in trying out a number of combinations in that domain.


Since mixing old and new is such an eye-catcher, we can try out a modern trendy bench under an ornate console or desk. This would provide the room with a traditional style in the presence of otherwise modern décor. Chandeliers seem to change the dynamics of the room with ease. While blending vintage furniture with modern décor, a crystal chandelier and an antique silver mirror can provide for a stunning ambience when paired with a modern glass dining table. Modern aluminium chairs go really well with a classy and elegant rustic dining table.

Also, a room full of modern furniture is excellently complemented by a piece of modern art. While decorating with antique, placing modern lamps on an antique sofa or a table can be tactful. Same goes in the case for putting some modern chairs around an antique French or English wood pedestal table. If the weather allows, a fireplace mantle can heighten the look of the room with an antique piece placed on it.

The reading corner of the room can also be revamped while blending vintage furniture with modern décor. An antique chair provides for a great ally to a modern side table. At some part of the room we can also have a modern light fixture. This light fixture can be made to hang from the ceiling amidst rustic antiques.


The discussion would not be complete without some information on some modern and antique furniture. To fit the bill of so called modern furniture one can find specimens in IKEA , B&B Italia etc. But since our discussion is mostly on antique furniture, I shall focus on that. To cite some instances of antique furniture, chairs and tables with turned legs surely make an impact.  While decorating with antique, Lawson and English roll arm sofas too provide a great ambience. And surely a discussion on antique furniture can never end without citing Victorian ‘brown’ pieces which are extremely beautiful and can change the look of any room by its mere presence.


Although a vintage cabinet being used as a bathroom vanity has been in trend for quite some time, it is still much appreciated. This is all the more suited to bathrooms as they are usually made of teak and are water resistant. This idea can also be implemented in the kitchen where a vintage sideboard could form the sink. Old document drawers smartly put in the kitchen also act as a great style statement for the house.

There is notion that vintage has to repurposed to look tidy. However that is not the case and one can find a way around it. A gorgeous and vintage dining table can be a great tool while blending vintage furniture with modern décor. We can provide a contemporary backdrop to that by adding some modern and trendy chairs around it. Speaking of adopting the traditional style, the beauty of a vintage chandelier with a subtle coffee table can never be undermined.

A very creative way to furnish the rooms on traditional lines is to create a wall entirely panelled in whitewashed vintage doors. This idea can also be tried out on a smaller scale as well. It would be perfectly suited to work on window frames as well and surely will enhance the beauty of the room.


There is indeed a very thin line between decorating with antiques and almost turning the house into a museum. This however can be avoided by following the following means:

The objects can be grouped by colour and traditional style can coexist in the right balance to provide the perfectly decorated room. It is important to stay focussed as scattering antiques all over the place can give it a museum feel. The items can be simply concentrated in some particular areas. The items can be kept close to each other and as has been said before can be adequately complemented with the new. For instance, the simplicity of putting a modern art piece beside a Victorian classic does immense good to maintain the fine line we spoke about. Such rules and similar ideas if followed and implemented can make way for a very successful mix of blending traditional style with modern décor. 


Everyone can appreciate the fact that blending vintage furniture with modern décor is a great idea during the beautification of a room. At the same time we should consider that in the process of mixing old and new certain compromises need not be made. It should be remembered that after all it is a home and so if one wants something dearly, a theme should be no bar to not have it. Traditional style does not have to come at the cost of personal comfort at any stage. But if finally the ideas can be implemented the room would surely make for a guest’s envy and owner’s pride.

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