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8 things we should use to save the planet

Landfills and waterways are filled with non-degradable and non-reusable materials. Instead of waiting or asking other people to change their habits, we should start by changing our own habits. There are things we should use to save the planet, which might initially be a little inconvenient but remember that you are doing this to pass on a better planet to your children. If one man can plant a whole forest (true fact), why can’t we swap a few things and habits? Here are some ideas on how you can start doing that:

 8 things we should use to save the planet

 Reusable wrapping paper

Reusable wrapping paperDuring the holiday season, the entire world produces millions of tons of wrapping paper waste, most of which is not recyclable. One of the things we should use to save the planet is recyclable wrapping paper which can be used several times, looks great and sends an important message to the receiver of the gift – that he/she too can start thinking about ways to save mother earth. Much better than sending just season’s greetings!

Steel straws

woman-using-plastic-straw-to-drinkPlastic straws are one of the most ubiquitous items on earth today. Wherever we go, we are given a plastic straw to drink our favorite beverages. But these straws cannot be used again and again. In the US, 500 million plastic straws are used every day, which is a mind boggling figure. In other developed countries, the figure would be quite high too.

To swap plastic straws with steel ones is the one of the best ways you can help the planet. Don’t wait for the restaurants to make the change – buy your own stainless steel straws and use them many times. You could offer these straws to friends, family, co-workers, even strangers – those who want to ditch plastic straws but did not know about the alternative, will be really grateful to you. Steel straws therefore are one of the things we should use to save the planet, for sure!

Resusable grocery bags

Resusable-grocery-bagsIf you want to know how to protect the environment, you only have to look around you and become a little environmentally aware. You’d get to know that plastic is the scourge of the planet right now. Every now and then, we see heart breaking images of animals dead because they ingested plastic bags dumped in the ocean. So, to prevent plastic from harming the environment any further, just swap plastic bags of poor quality which cannot be used more than once, with cloth bags.

Don’t use paper bags either- why increase the demand for paper bags, which will result in more trees being cut down. Cloth bags are on the list of things we should use to save the planet, as they can be used a zillion times. Seriously, you just need a strong, durable cloth bag (buy or make it yourself out of old denims and other old clothes), which you can wash easily in the machine and bring your groceries in it.

Reusable cotton pads

Swap cotton balls with cotton padsCotton pads to clean your face are one of the things we should use to save the planet. You probably use cotton balls to clean you face and then throw them in the trash. Swap cotton balls with cotton pads which you can use several times, as they can be washed in the machine along with your clothes. Avoiding cotton balls will reduce the demand for cotton. Cotton production contributes to 16% pesticide use of the entire world, so reusing everything made of cotton is one of the ways to save mother earth.

Use LED lights, energy efficient appliances

 led-lightsLED lights and energy efficient appliances are some of the things we should use to save the planet. Along with that, using smart thermostats, smart lighting and so on, as they can save electricity and money. These smart items are no longer luxury items but are essential to save energy which is a dwindling resource.

Food items without packaging

 local farmers marketOther things we should use to save the planet are food items which have the least amount of packaging or none at all. Eating more of seasonal fruits is great for your health, and if you buy it from your local farmers market, you will avoid the packaging too. Avoid using single use food items which is filled with less nutrition and instead requires a lot of single use plastic packaging. Making your own coffee and taking it to work is miles better than drinking packaged coffee and other beverages.

Reusable bottles

Landfills and oceans are filled with plastic bottlesAs a recent study has shown, bottled water does contain plastic, even if you buy bottled water from the world’s most renowned companies. So along with drinking clean, pure mineral water you are filling your body with minute plastic particles which gets into the water during the process of bottling! Landfills and oceans are filled with plastic bottles which does not biodegrade.

One of the ways how to protect the environment is to make the switch to reusable steel bottles. Fill up the bottles and carry them with you and avoid plastic pollution. Copper bottles too are a great investment as they have many health benefits.

Borrow clothes

Borrow clothesAnother thought – perhaps we should restrict buying new clothes to a minimum too, as that would reduce the production of cotton. The way ahead now is for us to adopt a frugal, thinking lifestyle taking all the decisions for the benefit of the planet. One of the ways you can help the planet is to reuse clothes.

It’s natural to get bored wearing the same clothes everyday for years on end. Instead of that, you might buy vintage clothing or borrow and lend clothes from your friends and family. All of us possess many outfits which we have worn only once or twice, and this is true for most people. So why not exchange or borrow clothes to reduce the demand for new clothes.

Almost everyone is now aware of the man made environmental crisis we are facing globally. Plastic is now no longer something we can use and throw without a thought. Using plastic as less as possible, eating local, conserving water and electricity are some of the ways to save mother earth.

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