Wellness program development and consultancy for Wellness Resort, Wellness Hotel & spa by Dr Prem

Wellness programs and treatments are the pillars of wellness resorts, spas, and hotels, and you need to create the right programs to run your resort successfully. Developing the right program needs deliberate consideration of many factors to get the desired outcome from the business and customers’ well-being perspective.

Dr Prem with great a success record in wellness program development consultancy offers all-encompassing guidance and training for wellness resorts, wellness hotels, and wellness spas of varied capacities anywhere in the world. With Dr Prem’s expertise and valuable insights, you create best-fit wellness programs and stand out in the crowd.

Dr Prem Wellness Program Developer

Dr Prem’s Wellness Program Development Consultancy covers the following aspects

Wellness Program Development Strategy

Guests look for memorable experiences in your resort and spa, and your wellness programs need to be at the height of experiential wellness. Dr Prem and his team will assess your existing or the upcoming wellness resort, wellness hotel, or wellness spa and assist you to create strategies based on:

  • Resort’s geographical and natural attributes
  • Wellness tourism potential of the location
  • Customer demography and year-round footfalls
  • Size of the resort, hotel, and spa and facilities for integration
  • Evaluation of natural resources like traditional healing and wellness practices, medicinal mud, thermal waters, mineral springs, or therapeutic herbs.
  • Evaluation of indigenous workforce like herbalists, masseurs, therapists, and traditional medicine practitioners.
  • Program safety protocols
  • Resort’s operating business model and its potential to scale up
  • Provisions to create a demand and expand the customer base
Wellness Program Development
Basic Wellness Program

Basic wellness program development

The booming wellness travel market has opened the flood gates of wellness programs but the key is to create the right offering. Be it bespoke experiences or tailor-made programs, our guidance in curating unique offerings for targeted customers will include the following features:

  • Market-driven trending wellness programs for transformational healing and rejuvenation.
  • Figure out the right wellness programs in line with business viability
  • Hacks to create bespoke wellness programs
  • Integration of medical wellness programs/ treatments.
  • Curate season-based and demand-driven program menu.
  • Create need-based wellness programs for health management and medical treatments.
  • Create tailor-made programs on men and women care
  • Plan for diverse group wellness retreats
  • Launch wellness coaching programs for better self-care and personality development.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Developing wellness spa menu

Wellness resorts with stronger spa offerings are great crowd pullers. They are also the investors’ favourites. Wellness spas offer more program curating opportunities than traditional spas aimed at holistic well-being. Whether as a standalone unit or integrated with wellness resorts and wellness hotels, customers look for more delightful rejuvenating experiences.

Our spa program development guide will help you in the following:

  • Launch state-of-the-art wellness spa programs
  • Create specialised menu for indoor and outdoor spas
  • Develop Medispa programs or upgrade the existing ones.
  • Integrate medical treatments with traditional Spa programs
  • Select high-performing devices, ingredients, and organic products as per the program offerings.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Wellness Program

Integration of medical wellness programs

Integrated medical wellness programs are trending in wellness resorts, wellness hospitals, and medical spas. Healthy individuals keen to enhance their wellness, patients seeking recovery from treatments or those looking for better disease management plans are eager for professionally managed medical wellness programs to lead a quality and productive life.

Dr Prem’s vast experience in integrated medical wellness resorts and Medispas will help you in:

  • Planned integration of medical and wellness programs.
  • Creating an exclusive workforce to run integrated medical wellness programs
  • Diversification of need-based medical wellness programs
  • Creating targeted recuperative and rehabilitation programs
  • Upgrading wellness programs with complementary medical services
  • Forming tie-ups with selected healthcare partners for medical services

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Developing need-based and time-bound Wellness programs

Creating time-bound wellness program packages with ensured outcomes demands lots of brainstorming and expert inputs. Program duration matters to experience the desired outcome. You cannot just randomly select a few treatments and roll them into a package without a clear vision of the outcomes.

Dr Prem and Team’s expertise will help you in:

  • Identifying customer preferences in program duration
  • Identifying program selection criteria to meet customers’ wellness goals and needs
  • Selecting the right programs and treatments ensuring guaranteed outcomes
  • Fixing purpose-driven program duration spanning days, weeks, or months
  • Keeping provisions for customization
  • Pricing wellness program packages
Wellness Time Bound

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Wellness Theraphy

Developing wellness therapies

Wellness therapies in wellness resorts, wellness hotels, and wellness spas should not only be focused on market demands but also investments and possible returns. Which wellness therapies will suit your wellness resort, wellness hotel or wellness spa?

Keeping in view the unique needs of your facility and customers, Dr Prem and Team offers extensive guidance in:

  • Evaluating your investment for specific wellness therapies
  • Creating optimized packages of wellness therapies with Ayurveda, mind-body practices, TCM, or treatments indigenous to the location.
  • Right selection of high-value anti-aging and beautification therapies
  • Quantifying therapies and programs in the wellness menu
  • Creating provisions for high-value trending wellness therapies like biohacking, detox programs, DNA testing, gut health management, immunity-balancing, sound healing, extreme wellness experiences, laser skin rejuvenation, etc.
  • Creating low-cost highly-demanded wellness therapies for steady earnings.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Program customization

Customization of wellness programs and treatments needs vision and expertise. Just a random mix-and-match strategy as per patients’ needs and wants never works. You do not have scope for trial and error but need to guarantee program outcomes.

Dr Prem and Team assist you in:

  • Professional evaluation of customers’ health and wellness needs and conveying them the same.
  • Understanding customers’ mental, emotional and spiritual connectedness.
  • Curation of financially viable treatments and programs
  • Selection of therapist based on customers’ needs and preferences.
  • Taking care of special needs of customers.
  • Effective time planning in program execution
Wellness Program Customization

Targeted corporate wellness programs

Corporate wellness programs have been a great revenue-generating source for wellness resorts, wellness hotels, and wellness spas. With workplace wellness getting more importance than ever, small and big corporates are always in the lookout for curated wellness programs amid a hospitable ambience away from the workplace.

Dr Prem and Team’s guidance on corporate wellness program covers:

  • Evaluating specific employee wellness needs be it on group or individual basis.
  • All-encompassing guidance on enhancing different wellness dimensions.
  • Curating specific programs for managers, executives, and seniors.
  • Integrative analysis of medical and wellness needs of each staff.
  • Special one-to-one coaching
  • Work-life balancing programs
  • Productivity hacks for staff working in different modes.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Wellness Professionals

Selection of wellness professionals

Not only professional skills and knowledge, there are other soft skills that matter in delivering premium customer experiences in wellness resorts, spas and hotels. Dr Prem & Associates Team will guide you in the following aspects of professional selection:

  • Evaluating their professional credentials like certifications, training, and experience
  • Checking the candidate’s background
  • Assessing their acquaintance and hands on experience on latest spa devices and gadgets
  • Assessing their knowledge and skills in integrating medical wellness
  • Testing their communication skills and customer approach
  • Assessing their demeanour and attitude.

Training for wellness program development

Wellness program development cannot be a one-time activity. Wellness resorts, hotels, and spas need periodic revisit of their programs based on changing market trends and demands. Training imparts vital skills to innovate and tweak wellness programs to maintain healthy guest footfalls.

Dr Prem’s training will help you in:

  • Timely identification of market changes and potential customers
  • Market research and insight analysis
  • Smart response to the market by launching trendy wellness programs
  • Creating stunning spa menus and wellness programs to cater to a broader market segment.
Wellness Training
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