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Dr Prem, an award-winning global leader, renowned speaker, tourism expert and entrepreneur is a highly acclaimed author whose thought-provoking work has drawn the attention of global readers. His extensive travelling experience to more than 65 countries has provided him with in-depth knowledge about global healthcare facilities. His wisdom is clearly reflected in his guide books, driving the reader towards a different thought process. His charismatic personality and a gifted ability to establish a powerful rapport with the audience has earned him a position behind which a lot of hard work and dedication have gone.

Carve Your Life Book by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Carve Your Life Times of India Times Book Group Amazon

Dr Prem Jagyasi’s Carve Your Life Book Published by Times of India

Carve Your Life: Live a Great Life with Carvism is a self-empowerment book for those who are trying to find their true self and who want to lead a meaningful life. The author, Dr Prem Jagyasi, an award-winning global leader and acclaimed life coach, has delivered keynotes, speeches and conducted focused workshops in over 65 countries. In this book, he talks about his signature Carvism principles. The book is published by Times Book Group – A division of worlds largest English newspaper – Times of India. Read More – About Carve Your Life Book

Dr Prem’s Guide – Medical Tourism

Dr Prem's Guide - Medical Tourism Front Cover

The booming medical tourism industry has been of special attraction to global tour-ists, who are now opting for top class medical treatments across borders, along with spending a vacation.

This enriched guidebook comes as a storehouse of valuable in-formation related to each and every aspect related to medical tourism. Not every country has the infrastructure and expertise to provide the best medical support for every ailment. People migrating to foreign lands seeking relief from their bodily sufferings is a method practiced since primitive days, and with gradual techno-logical advancements it has taken the shape of medical tourism today.

The initial chapters of the book provide you a vivid understanding of the medical tour-ism concept and the plausible reasons that encourage the phenomenon. The vivid narration of associated wellness and health tourism and its different domains are no doubt added attractions forcing the reader to adopt a different thought process in availing medical support way ahead of the conventional ones. Certainly, the aim is to achieve better quality of life.

The well constructed chapters provide step by step guidance alerting the reader of possible loopholes while considering medical tourism. A well crafted description of 68 medical tourism destinations highlighting their uniqueness in medical tourism is the most attractive part of this book helping the per-son in need to select the right destination as per his requirement and affordability.

Read more about Dr Prem’s work in Medical Tourism at http://drprem.com/medical-tourism

Dr Prem’s Guide – Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism Guide Book

Wellness tourism is a swiftly expanding niche amidst the existing flourishing tourism industry. The book explores the gamut of purposefulness driving the readers to move ahead in the quest for achieving a healthy state of body and mind. Often the target fulfillment is possible only if one is aware of the huge potential trapped in certain practices and cults available in specific countries.

The reader gets an exposure to the domain of wellness tourism realizing its correlation with the complete well being of mind and body. The subsequent chapters deftly touch the different domains of this niche tourism and its history backed by strong analysis and facts. As an ideal guide, the book provides a deep insight in planning an effective tour package pointing out certain loopholes that you may overlook.

A myriad of therapies, concoctions and performances prevalent in domestic and foreign cultures described in the book holds the reader’s attention till the end. The lucid and well formatted description of various therapies like spas, mud therapy, sound and light therapy, water therapy, writing therapy, meditation, yoga and many more is encouraging enough for the reader to explore this avenue for his or her wellbeing. Read more at http://drprem.com/wellness

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