Dr Prem as a Chartered Consultant

Dr Prem’s experience, expertise and intent in enabling individuals and businesses across industries in making informed decisions remain unsurpassed hitherto. In his flourishing consultancy practice, Dr Prem worked in association with major healthcare organizations in over 25 countries. He presents a range of options and let the customer choose what works best for them. An integral part of his business initiatives, Dr Prem and Associates is a team of experts with proven credentials in their respective fields.

  • Why Dr Prem

    For reasons aplenty, Dr Prem is an obvious choice for those who wish to make smart decisions. His awe inspiring credentials, his transparent work ethics and his guaranteed to deliver attitude keeps him good stead among his clients. Dr Prem strives to deliver insights into the varying costs of implementation for any strategy, while remaining complaint your overall business strategy and tactics. `He seamlessly integrates his objectives with other functions of your company, be it marketing, accounts or hiring facilitating a rewarding experience for clients.

  • Dr Prem’s record of accomplishments

    Accordingly, he has been offering marketing, finance, project management, IT, PR, event management and other services to his affiliates, associates and other clients. Dr Prem has earned a wealth of experience through his association to the leading healthcare authorities of the Gulf, Asia and European countries. Some of these authorities include FICC India, Medical Tourism Association USA, and so on.

    Dr Prem has also offered his services to prestigious institutions, such as leading healthcare providers of the Gulf region, Asia’s leading diagnostic companies, China’s biggest healthcare providers, and Asia’s leading lifestyle management company. Furthermore, Dr Prem offers his incredible consultancy services to the world’s leading healthcare conference and Congress in the USA.

  • Understands client’s business

    The first characteristic of a fine consultant is his comprehensive understanding of client’s business.  This holds true in case of Dr Prem. a man of ethics, Dr Prem refrains from providing diagnosis before performing an examination. Thereby, he takes his time to study the nature of his business and other complexities involved. It is his extensive knowledge, years of experience and in depth research that renders him the character and intent to offer feasible solutions.

  • Endorses his own point of view

    Conventionally, it is deemed that a consultant must have his own point of view on all areas related to his field. A seasoned consultant, Dr Prem will seldom disappoint you on this account. He has his own opinions on a diverse spectrum of fields ranging from medical and wellness tourism to personal branding.

  • Ability to see beyond black and white

    Dr Prem is one among the select few to possess the ability to see beyond black and white, recognize infinite shades of grey and accordingly deliver strategies to exploit them. He refrains from banging square pegs into round holes and hence focus on delivering bespoke solutions accommodating the myriad requirements of his clients. In his practice, Dr Prem has resolved issues that were not just new to him but also new to the industry. His grit and resourcefulness enabled him to tide over such complicated issues.

  • Remarkable attention to detail

    Attention for details is one of the most appealing traits of Dr Prem that motivates clients to prefer his services. In his endeavor to create and maintain trust with his clients, Dr Prem dedicates all his resources to provide error-free deliverables at all times. The business environment is unforgiving and even the slightest of errors in judgment can have severe implications.


  • Healthcare Marketing Consultancy
  • Healthcare Management Consultancy
  • Healthcare Project Management
  • Global Healthcare Consultant
  • Global Healthcare Outsourcing Consultant
  • Gulf Healthcare Consultant
  • Health Check Assessment for Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare City Project Consultant
  • Healthcare Information Technology and Telemedicine
  • Healthcare Market Research
  • Healthcare Marketing Expertise
  • Healthcare Marketing Process
  • Healthcare Outsourcing Consultant
  • Healthcare Digitization Plan | Hospital Digitalization Plan
  • Marketing for Healthcare Professionals
  • Integrated Healthcare Marketing Consultancy
  • Hospital Concept, Design and Programming
  • Planning and managing healthcare projects and execution
  • Strategic Healthcare Consultancy
  • Contribution of CSR in promoting good health and well-being of community


  • Medical Tourism Consultant | Medical Tourism Consultancy Services
  • Medical Tourism Facilitator Consultancy
  • Quality of Care Consultancy in Medical Tourism
  • Corporate Wellness Consultant
  • Strategic Marketing Consultancy Services in Medical Tourism
  • Legal & Ethical Consultancy Services in Medical Tourism
  • Health Insurance Consultancy Services


  • Healthcare PR Consultancy Services | Public Relations Training
  • PR Belief | Public Relationship Belief
  • PR Expertise
  • PR Methodology


  • Start-Up consultant
  • Mergers and Acquisition Expert
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Partnerships
  • Investment Consultant


  • Online Media Consultant


  • Healthcare Promotional Events
  • Leading global consultant for congresses, conferences & events
  • Healthcare Community Initiative
  • Management Training Seminars for HealthCare Professionals
  • Methodology
  • Government Affiliation