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The love of a father

The love of a father

“You can never be happy with that man. He has nothing to keep you happy, “Marilyn’s father told her when she told him that she was getting married. Her mother had nothing to say since she knew that she was a stubborn child and it was difficult to make her understand. Being their only daughter Marilyn was the apple of their eye and they wanted to see her happy but a boy like George could never keep her happy.


“It’s my life and I have already made up my mind. I would get married to him with or without your approval. It does not matter what you think as George is on his way. Let me just pack my bags and leave,” Marilyn said at the top of her voice. Her father had never heard her using this harsh tone with him. He had never thought that it would be difficult to convince his own daughter.

Marilyn went inside her room and packed her bags. It was hard for her to leave her parents like that but she loved George. The struggle had been going on in the family for the last few months ever since Marilyn introduced George to her parents. Her father hated him the first time he met him. “He is going to spoil your life, Marilyn,” he had said when George left that day. His mother did not know what to tell her. They have always encouraged their daughter to make her decisions herself but had never imagined that things would get worse.

A few minute later Marilyn came outside with her luggage and said, “I love you, you know that but I have already made up my mind. George says he will get a job and I have also given an interview.”

“Think it over again. We have always let you do things your way but we will never support your decision to get married to this person,” her mother told her.

“I love you,” Marilyn said, as she had nothing else to say when she left.

Her parents had tears in their eyes. They did not want to break their daughter’s heart but something about George that gave them the creeps. It was hard to trust a man who was living all alone since long and had no one in his family.

finally got married

Marilyn was happy that finally she could get married to the love of her life. She was ready to work hard. Her father never asked her to get a job as he had enough but things were not the same any more. George was jobless. Only after a few days, Marilyn got the job but George did not even try to get a source of income. He said that he was waiting for the right time. Soon Marilyn realized that she had married a wrong person. One day when things went out of control, she packed her bags and left. George didn’t even try to persuade her. He told her that he had someone else in his life and he was about to get married to that girl.

Marilyn did not have a place to go. She wanted to go to her parents but she did not have the nerve to do so. She went to a coffee shop and sat there for hours. She had experienced so many things that her tears had dried. She wanted to cry in his parents arms. She thought of committing suicide or leaving the city for good but she wanted to talk to her parent once. Finally, she gave them a call but she wanted her mother to pick up the phone. “Dad, it’s me Marilyn,” she said as she thought her father would hang up or yell at her.

The love of a father

“Marilyn, where are you? Are you all right? You sound as if you have been crying,” her father said. He tried hard to control his tears but Marilyn could hear him sobbing over the phone. She wanted to say that she had made a mistake and she was sorry buy she had no words. When her mother talked to her, she told her everything and within no time, her parents took her home. They were sorry for her and didn’t even want an apology.

Such is the love of parents. They always accept their kids regardless of everything else. Marilyn made a decision to start her life all over again as she had her parents by her side. The lesson she had learnt had turned her into a better person.

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