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How to deal with a bitchy wife

if your wife is bitchy

When compared to men, women are generally moody. Even they themselves know that they are moody. Some of them are lesser prone to these mood swings while the others are highly prone. If your life partner is someone on the highly prone side, you know how terrible these mood swings can be. The same person who was sweet and understanding just one day ago suddenly turns into someone very cunning and bitchy. If this is a problem that clings deep inside then read on to find out how to deal with a bitchy wife.

How to deal with a bitchy wife

Sometimes women are bitchy, now this is a known fact. And if your wife turns out to be one, don’t be surprised, she is a woman after all. However, let us not forget that she is your better half as well. Do not forget the good things about your marriage as there are ways to deal with your wife’s bitchiness, certainly.

1. Find out why


Now that you are married to her, you don’t wish to dump her just because she acts bitchy. Try to figure out the reason behind this bitchiness. Any emotion that is bad or unhealthy always carries a reason behind it. Try to know if something is bothering her or is she suffering from some mental trauma. It is your job to understand her psychology and help her if she is going on a wrong path.

2. Talk to her

Any problem between a couple can be easily resolved by having a mature conversation. There is no point in getting frustrated or being upset because of your wife who seems to be bitchy. Speak to her, have a mature conversation with her and tell her what you feel about this behavior of hers. She needs to know that you are not comfortable with this attitude and humbly request her to improve.

3. Make her feel loved

Make her feel loved

Women have a tendency of being nice to people who are nice to her. Take her on a long vacation, make her feel special. Gift her something that she always wanted. She will surely feel the guilt of being bitchy to you and would not take a risk of losing out on a husband like you. Love is one such tool that can be used to tackle any problem in your marriage. Your wife’s bitchiness can be easily tackled if you show her the worth of your true love.

What if your wife is controlling on top of that?

If your wife is bitchy, then that’s not a problem if you do not the situation affect you. However, is she is controlling on top of that, then that can be a real problem. Wives can sometimes nag very badly and be very controlling, which disrupts the normal life of a person. The following are a few steps on how to deal with a controlling wife.

1. Understand why

starting to get frustrated

When you are feeling that you are being hard done by your wife and are starting to get frustrated, it is important to get to the bottom of it. Your wife has her own life and responsibilities, so it is implicit that she must not be enjoying spoon feeding you everything. If she is getting frustrated with you and trying to take most of your decisions, then you must try to find out the reason behind it. She may be feeling insecure of something or someone and trying to keep you away from that, or maybe she is being too overprotective. You should look at yourself first before you start blaming her for being too interfering, something that you said or did in the past might be influencing her thinking. Talk to her in a friendly and polite manner. Show sincere empathy with her problems and try to solve them to the best of your abilities.

2. Set boundaries

In a relationship, it is very important that you set some boundaries and give each other their space. Give your wife the freedom to express yourself. Do no try to dominate her in an attempt to stop her from controlling you. This will make matters even worse and make her even more determined. You should set the limits early on and tell your partner that they should stick to them. There should be a significant demarcation between them caring for you and totally controlling you. You should never break these limits yourself and adhere to the norms that you have set for the relationship, so that later if necessary, you can confront your wife. Do not ask them to not interfere in your life, politely tell them that their actions are affecting you and your normal livelihood.

3. Be friendly and responsible

Be friendly and responsible

Controlling wives can be very irritating and can annoy us terribly with their constant nagging. You have to deal with this situation with a cool and relaxed mind; don’t let your anger get the better of you. When they are trying to take decisions for you, instead of getting frustrated, you should feel glad that at least they are not ignoring you. Indifference and ignorance hurt more and is a sign that your relationship has got nothing left in it. You have to be responsible in your actions and do not give your spouse a reason to correct you. Shoulder the burden of responsibilities so that your partner will not have to take care of it alone. This will make them irritated and further increase their controlling behavior. Wherever possible, help them in their daily household work so that they have time for some recreation and are able to freshen up their mind.

4. Be understanding

The simplest thing that you can do for your spouse in such a scenario is to understand them and their problems by listening to them properly. A woman loves being heard out and it allows her to vent out her frustration, spend more time with her listening, rather than arguing with her. Staying silent will not hurt you at all but will give her a lot of satisfaction. Listening to her will help you understand what she wants from you and make her believe that you are not annoying her on purpose. Wherever necessary ask her questions and take her opinion on how she would like things to be done. Doing this will reassure her mind and make her gain confidence in you. Always be open to criticism and accept your mistakes when you find them, don’t be egoistic.

5. Go for counseling

Go for counseling

When you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working, go for counseling. Sharing your problems with a close friend or parent will help ease your mind. Do not hesitate in expressing your thoughts because it will help you vent your frustration and make you feel much better. Learn from other people experience and try to apply them to your life. Carefully evaluate where your marriage is heading and whether it is futile to continue it. Express the seriousness of the matter to your partner and request them to co-operate with you. Ask them to allow you a chance to prove your worth and let you take control. Convey it to them that it will lessen the burden on them and also make you feel more comfortable. Visit a counselor together and be very open and frank about your problems, and try to act upon his advice.

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