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How to deal with stressful situation | How to be calm

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Some situations, such as family emergencies, public speaking and job interview can be very stressful if we are not accustomed to such situations. Here are some solutions for remaining calm when such situations arises.

Identify the stress and be realistic about goals

Try to figure out what exactly is the cause of your anxiety. It could be that you are agitated due to the job interview or because you have to meet someone for an important project. Try to stay calm and find the appropriate response to the situation by being rational and practical. You can push the stress at the back of your mind and focus on the future. Try to mentally encourage yourself about the possible new job or the project which could be yours if you handle it well. Set realistic goals and work towards what you can do at a given period of time, rather than trying to show an attitude of can-do. Remember that it is not always possible for us to do things at a given period of time; as such things can add to the stress. By trying to prove that you can do things just simply to meet other people’s expectation will only land you in trouble.

Face the stress head on

If you are just going to put off what is stressing you, it will only prolong the situation and will further stress you more. Therefore, facing the stress head on is a way of shaking off a situation which should not be ignored as it can worsen in time. Try to take a quick action that can help in alleviating the situation. This is a good way of overcoming your fear by empowering yourself to take a quick action. Once you have resolved the underlying problem you can easily shake off the stress which no longer matters. Before taking the necessary action, you need to distance yourself to think clearly and then make your plan to tackle the situation. This will give you a clearer perspective and will help you in keeping yourself occupied as you prepare your plan of action.

Be aware of your surroundings

When you are doing your daily activities, be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings. Stay aware of what is happening around you as certain situations could escalate into unpleasantness. By scanning the area you can be aware of the people and environment. Rather than be stressed about what could happen, you can be focused in the activities around you so that you can respond accordingly. Always scan the area for a quick and possible outlet if you are not comfortable in the area. Get away from situations which make you apprehensive or uncomfortable as this can create more stress upon you.


Follow your intuition

Sometimes, we get a gut feeling that something is not right or that something is about to happen. If this feeling persists, then you can take precaution in your safety first. If it is just a fleeting feeling then you can put it at rest, otherwise you need to get to a safe area where you will feel more secure. If you are sitting in the car, then lock the doors and keep yourself calm by taking deep breaths. Always remain focused and observant even if you have taken all necessary precautions. If you are at home, then check to see that all doors are closed and locked and you are within access to a phone, should anything happen that could require emergency help. Stay organized so that you can be a source of strength for your family in the eventuality of an emergency, like a burglary or even fire.

Enlist the help of others in an emergency

If you happen to be in an accident scene area or a neighborhood fight, quickly call 911 for help. Do not try to diffuse a bad situation yourself. If there are others around, enlist their help towards injured people or to calm the crowd before emergency help or the police arrive. Ask someone to keep an eye on the ambulance or the police so they do not miss the exact location. Stay in control of the situation and be confident so that others will follow your example. If you panic and start agitating, there will be confusion as others start behaving the same way. If some people get out of control in a bad situation, try to calm them down by taking them a little away from the location. Stay calm and be firm but gentle while dealing with tense situation and people.

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