How to deal with pride

It is good to have a little pride in yourself as it brings about a sense of confidence in your personality. But over confidence is something which kills your instincts and characteristical traits completely and that is what pride does to you if not handled well. Here are some tips to deal with pride.

Think logical

Pride, like most other emotions, makes you blind to logical reasoning. Let’s take an example, if for instance a person has been doing a white collar job and is suddenly asked to do a blue collar job due to some reasons, his pride takes a hit. At such a time it is important to understand the reason for which the job has been appointed to you. Does it have to do anything with genuine reasons like your previous experience or understanding of that job or human resources constraints, etc? If the situation has arisen due to a valid circumstance, you need to accept it and doesn’t have to let it face your pride as it has nothing to do with it.

Admit your pride issues

Openly admitting something which hurts you can often attract solutions. When dealing with people you are related to, certain common notions arise naturally. It is common to feel that cooking and washing dishes is a woman’s job while making money is a man’s work profile. However, not everyone would think the same way and it is when these ideals conflict, problems arise. Everything comes down to pride, it can also be laziness, but that is a completely different food for thought altogether. In such scenarios, you should sit back, discuss and admit that it is the matter of pride which is hurting you. It takes a lot of courage to do it but is definitely the right thing to do.

Realise your true self

Pride defines you externally. It determines your way of talking to people, dressing up, your lifestyle and your way of social thinking. It helps you to measure yourself against others whom you meet. However, pride takes you away from your inner self. It would make you blind towards what makes you tick from within. You may be a person who would think that it’s ok to perform your domestic chores when your wife is busy doing something substantial at her career front and is very busy, but your pride would not let you see that side of your inner self. In such situations, apply logic and think practically. Looking after the daily chores while doing some writing and skiing and photography makes you a lesser man. The answer would be “No, it doesn’t.”

Don’t let pride get in between you and the things you love to doPride can also take your happiness away if it stands between you and your hobbies, For instance, if you like to dance but you are embarrassed to show it off, you might eventually lose out on dancing forever. In such scenarios, simply put your stupid pride aside and give yourself a chance.
Stop thinking about it

All the things that are listed above happen in due course of time and might add to your problem with pride. This might hamper your future endeavors and would leave you feeling lonely and depressed. Hence, treat pride as it comes and keep a check on your true self that what you are doing is a result of your inner being or just an external stupid pride.

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