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Determination Is The Key To Accomplish Your Goal

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Nothing can stop you on your path to success and happiness if you walk hand – in- hand with determination. The art of sticking to your goals through thick and thin is not easy. You will need to be determined. What is determination? It is ‘self-confidence’. In other words, it is the awareness of an individual of his potential and passion to do something. Being determined means to prepare yourself to achieve something by keeping your attitude in a positive direction. If you don’t have the determination that you can reach to your goal then no matters how easy the work is, you can’t succeed in that. Having that been said; now it is needless to say how significant is it to be determined to accomplish your goals. So, rather than discussing the significance of determinations, let’s start talking about its impact.

The first step towards your goal

The first step towards your goal

Determination is one such thing that has a great impact on one’s life. No matter what you aim for, no matter what you are capable of, if you are determined enough to get what you want, there is nothing that can ever stop you.

Determination is that first step, which keeps you committed to your goal. It makes you move mountains and do wonders. It is also the continuous force that provides you energy to overcome the difficulties on the way to your aim. Moreover, it supplies you the power to focus your mind on the result, and not getting bothered by the difficulties you face.

Determination is itself a personal goal that you can set for yourself to keep going until you reach your destination or what you set out for yourself to do. In other words, you can say that determination is a great motivation.

Determination comes from within

achieve the target

Determination is the only helper that gives you the greatest and the possible chance to achieve your goals. This determination is not a thing that you can get from others; it has to start with you. You have to recognize that you will achieve the target, and no matter how difficult the path is! If you are a personality with strong determination then you can achieve the goal that you desired.

Before doing the work, it is very easy to set goals that you want to achieve in the future; one can do it very easily. Several times we see people saying: I want to be this, I want to get that. These things are very easy to say, but attaining it becomes a different matter.

Determination fuels your desire

cross all these hurdles

The attainment is the measure of our success. When you achieve your goal, it gives you a feeling of self-satisfaction and feeling well. When you accomplished one goal, then it motivates you for the next goal and even bigger goals.

If you start to make efforts to achieve a goal with strong determination then keep this thing in your mind that on the way, you will face several hurdles that will try to stop you and demotivated you, but if you are determined enough to cross all these hurdles and get what you aim for, then no one can stop you to reach the target. So, always be determined about what you want to do, because the person with strong determination sets a goal for himself and lets nothing stop or deter him from reaching his goals.

The power of determination

The power of determination

Often, people cannot estimate just how powerful the art of determination is. For those of you who are still skeptical about the overall concept and importance of determination in life, here is a story that will convince you and move you to tears. Read on.

The strong determination of a physically challenged boy

“You must treat him nice. He is different. I mean you must not be rude to him. Well, that does not mean that you can take the luxury to be rude to others in the class but you must be at your best behavior when you talk to this boy. Michael, come here and sit,” the teacher said when he introduced the boy. The boy was wearing a brace in his right leg and was walking lame.  Everyone in the class was staring at him.

The teacher again gave him a nod to sit down and continued, “I have told everyone to be nice to you. You must not get worried about anything. You can tell me if someone bothers you. Some kids are naughty in this class, so you must be careful. “

The boy did not know what to say. He just nodded his head but it was written all over his face that he did not like the way the teacher introduced him. His name was Michael. What most people considered his biggest weakness was actually his biggest strength. He could not stand people having pity on him and here in this classroom, the teacher had introduced him in such a manner that everyone had nothing but sympathy for him.

Just like everyone else

The teacher took out a paper from his pocket and said, “I must tell you that this year the school management is really strict. If you get flunk this year you will be thrown out of the school. No exceptions.”

The teacher looked at Michael and said, “Or should I say except Michael everyone is supposed to get an A grade this year.”

“Sir, Michael is also a part of the class. So why a different rule for him?” a boy who looked mean asked the teacher.

The teacher put on a serious face and said, “Since he is physically challenged, that’s why. He always needs someone to help him.”

Now Michael could not take it anymore. He stood up and said, “No sir, it’s not like that. I do not take anyone’s help to do my everyday tasks. I get up early without an alarm clock and get ready for school. So, I am just like any other kid here in the class.”

The teacher looked at him with surprise. He pulled himself together and said, “But that does not change the fact that you are physically challenged, does that?” His sounded authoritative this time.

The boy had a spark in his eyes. He explained, “Sir, physically challenged does not mean that I am less than any other student in this classroom.”

“But you are not able to compete with other students in the class, Michael,” the teacher said.

The boy was not in a mood to give up. He said, “Sir, I am physically challenged not mentally challenged. Earlier people used to think that even those who are mentally challenged are crazy but that is not true. They take time to learn things. So do I, I may take some time to learn a physical task but I do not depend upon others.”

The teacher did not know what to say. He started teaching the class.

Time went by. Michael worked hard as he knew that what happened on the first day at school was not enough to convince all others in the school.

The art of not giving up

No doubt, it was not at all easy for Michael but he knew that it was never easy to do anything in life. His parents were poor who would work all day long to make two ends meet. Michael had seen them struggling every single day. He was strong.

A few months later Michael’s hard work paid off as he stood first in his class. His parents, however, were not surprised at all. They knew that their son had always proved everyone wrong. His physical disability could never keep him from giving his best.

Unlike Michael, there are many people always have one or other excuse to keep themselves from realizing their dreams. When you have a burning desire to achieve something in life, your biggest weakness can also give you the strength to carry on.

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