Determination in life

The constant zeal to excel in life is the result of constant determination. It requires hard work with a sheer sense of dedication and belief. The ability of a person to relentlessly endeavor for something is very hard to achieve. Strong will and optimism are the result of strong determination. If a person wants to succeed in their life, then they have to be determined towards their goal. As someone has clearly stated in a very inspiring quote that hard battles are only won if you have an upright thinking towards your goal and a self-belief to move into the right direction. The life always pushes you around no matter what and the weaker ones always crumble under the pressure. This is the true fact of life. But determination is one of the few precious possessions that can reincarnate your life. As soon as you find yourself determined towards your goal, you will feel that all the hurdles are drifting away and you seem to be moving in the right direction. With the help of strong determination, one also learns the value of priorities in life since it is inevitable that you cannot achieve multiple goals at the same time so it is quite essential that you priorities your goals accordingly. A famous politician of United States has said that you cannot achieve your dream by just sleeping and hoping for a miracle to happen. On the contrary, one has to work very hard until the body drains in sweat to achieve it. Even the miracle is the result of constant hard work and righteous self-determination. Some people tend to get distracted from their goals when they find it very hard to achieve but if you possess strong determination, then you will never wither away from you goals.

Determination and priorities

One of the foremost qualities that you will find in a self-determined person is the ability to priorities things in life. Life is all about doing the right thing at the right time and this is where the role of priorities comes into play. It is very essential that one should realize the importance of every task in  their life. Some things are of of utmost importance and cannot be compromised for anything while some other goals are dependent on certain things. Realize the importance and act accordingly. His coach once told a famous basketball player that he did not belong in the category of professionals since his talent was not up to the mark. The player realized this quickly and started practicing hard with strong determination and dedication. His only goal was to make his foray into the national team and he did it with regular practice. This famous basketball player was Michael Jordan who later on went to rewrite the records books in the basketball history. It is quite evident from some real life facts that all the great persons have strong determination and zeal to excel in their field. Priorities make you realize that every task hold an importance and you must move in the right direction to achieve them. Its helps to differentiate between the most important and less important things that you want to accomplish in your life. Determination is an important trait that helps you in accomplishing all those things that you want badly. A determined person is the one who can easily find the light when other sees a complete dark. They are the ones who are inevitable and do not bend under any type of pressures. If they fall, the get up and move strongly in the direction of their goal. Determination is the result of a positive and realistic inner sanctum. It’s the voice from the inside that creates an everlasting fire and a strong taste for success and accomplishments.

The value of optimism

Determination and optimism go hand in hand. If you are not optimistic then you may fall down with a single failure. However, if your thinking is optimistic, you will learn a lesson from every failure and make sure that you do not commit the same mistakes again. Determination should be rock solid and must flow in your blood veins if you want to achieve anything. A famous quote in this context is “if you want to get something that you never possessed then you will have to do something that you have never done”. Self-determination helps you to look into the positive side even if you fail attempting towards your goal. The life is totally under our control and it depends on us what we want to make out of it. Some people sit inside their cozy homes and hope for a miracle to happen while others get up and start chasing their dream with a dedicated approach. Determination is the quality that differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary. One must always remember that a successful person is not god but they have the ability conquer their fears.

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