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Discipline vs. Freedom

Scales of Justice

Following the rule (Discipline)

Discipline is the practice of people to obey rules. It means obedience to the established rules of conduct. Every society has certain rules to control and regulate the life and activity of its member in order that the society as a whole may progress in harmony and peace. If any of this these rules are broken, there are troubles and the society suffers.

Why do We Need Discipline?

It is necessary in the life of a nation, in the army, in an institution, in school and other educational places and in the life of every individual. Without it, we shall have no laws, and naturally no civilized society can function properly. Compass guides the course of a ship in a boundless ocean and without it the ship may lose its course. In one sense, the rudder disciplines the ship to guide its course properly. There is a discipline even in the universe, where the stars and the planets roll through the ages without crossing each other’s path by clashing. Even small insects like ants have to move along a disciplined way, and because of discipline they have survived till today where as bigger animals and stronger animals have perished because of indiscipline.

Discipline vs. Freedom

Discipline is not a bar to freedom. Freedom must not be taken as a license to do anything. It should come from inside and not from fear. “A strict discipline pervades all nature, which is a little cruel that it may be very kind” as said by Shakespeare. To build a successful life and a career, we should follow certain rules which are necessary for us as they are the main ingredients to success. What if we don’t follow it? The answer is simple, if it is a law that is a national law, then we will not be punished and we can see the result of such indiscipline as corruption and bribing. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, will always be the under developed or developing country as these countries has no proper discipline to run the country. The governments of these countries are more interested in filling up their pockets and bank accounts and least on running the country which would help the country to progress. The one who raises his voice against this; they are the one who gets punished. Nothing goes right in these countries. Corruption is the only law in this kind on countries.

For a Better Tomorrow

Now, it is up to us. If we give up to the system then we will be like the country and if we follow the correct discipline then we can at least try to be something else, by which, we can bring some change to the system by showing them the correct discipline and correct laws. This will help us to show our next generation a better tomorrow, which will obey our fundamental laws correctly as well as teach them to lead a disciplined life style, which is combined with the right way of freedom.

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