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How great is greatness?

How great is greatness?

Ever since you learnt to take the baby steps while holding your papas’ hands, the one thing you noticed was his towering frame over your frail body. This image perhaps brings in our minds the concept of becoming big, high and overbearing some day in future. To this day, this image has stuck to my mind and this is the first instance whereby I learned to understand what and how we imbibe a desire to attain greatness.

Most individuals confuse greatness with being better off in terms of material possession. However, greatness is more of a mental stature than a material accomplishment. Though perspectives vary from person to person, attaining greatness can best be taken to mean that concept in life which shall help you guide others without being dominating.

Greatness and its many faces

While religion, spirituality and customs have separate meanings for the word greatness, it cannot simply be taken to mean something that is synonymous with all knowing or all conquering. Books might propagate rulers and saviors as great. What remains unspoken is that, these men were great simply because they chose to rise above the traditional lines.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

With greatness comes a lot of responsibilities. Of course, this is evident across the ages. However, taking up responsibilities and fulfilling them by ability is the first sign of attaining greatness. Remember, there is no benchmark by which the degree of greatness can be measured. It is all in the attributes of an individual and the way he is perceived, which make the whole lot of difference.

Three steps to greatness—Sounds like a hot selling book title right? Well, there is no set formula to achieve greatness. Nevertheless, three easy steps, if taken, at the right time, can end up in a great individual shopping out.

Self Goals– Having goals in mind, leads to better planning and individualistic judgment. Instead of wandering about in the turbulent waters of life, it is best that you put on a life jacket and face the turbulence. Scheme out what you require and whet you do not. Plan out the ways to attain all that you need. Though you cannot foresee the future, you can well move on to try nada me it a bright one.

Self development—This is the very core of attaining greatness. You need to analyze your self from within before you even start trying to attain anything close to greatness. Find out time chiefly for yourself. This is the best way to know who you actually area from within. Concentrate in mediating for few minutes daily. Stabilize your energies and concentrate on developing yourself as a person most would respect.

Not very long ago, our forefathers used to work merely to sustain themselves and their families. The possibility of achieving greatness was left to those who were born with special powers or blessed with silver spoons in their mouth. Of late, we have woken up to a revolution. This revolution is not one of massacre and protest, but one of realization that we all have it in us to be great.

Summing up

Possessing a vision and framing a goal, then moving on to making a strategy and finally executing the plan—this is the flowchart for becoming great. Remember, it is your loved ones and yourself who truly realizes if you are great. Let nothing else deter you from attaining that.

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