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Having the Potential (Power)

Having the Potential (Power)

Having the Potential (Power)

According to physics, power is defined as the ability to do work. Hence, we can say that our capacity to do a certain task or job given to us or we are willing to do is our own power. Physics also says that work done by total time taken is power; from this we can say that power increases our efficiency to do the work and according to this relation, we can make it out that time is inversely proportion to power. Hence, more time we take to do a work, the less power we utilize.

Power of the Mind

Power is not all about physical strength. It is the mental strength or what we call the will power! This will power is required in every aspect of our life. ‘Our power is in our ability to decide ‘as said by Buckminster Fuller, he meant to say that if we can take our own decision then we can say that we have the power inside us. Even to take the smallest decision we think a number of times. This is because we are not confident enough. The main sources of power are confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, courage and a little bit of physical strength. In real life, power is a compound made of various simple things, which we all have, but we take time to recognize it.

Using Your Power

‘Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.’ As said by Winston Churchill, he said it because as a kite goes higher against the wind, our power takes us higher and higher against the opposing forces. The inner peace is also required for increasing our power. It is us who decides when and how to show and utilize our power according to the needs. But at first, we must decide and find out where to utilize our power so that we can get the best outcome of it. We must use our power in what we excel in. ‘Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. ‘As said by Oprah Winfrey, she meant to say that our power is what we excel in. We must do and utilize our power in what we are exceled and trained. We must not misuse our power as it is not available always with us.

We must be sure about what we are doing in order to utilize our power. We should not be over confident as it will make us over estimate ourselves which will make us unstable in our passion. We must have courage in ourselves so that we can face the opposing forces and struggle to reach our goal and for what we are using our energy. We must not think that ‘we have to do’ but we must think on ‘what we can do?’ and for that we must know our merits and use our power in it. We all maybe mentally abled but we should be physically prepared too for it as we need to work hard to utilize our power.


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