How could I do it? (Mistake)

How could I do it? (Mistake)

The unwanted event in a do or die situation is what we generally call a mistake but it is actually not that. It is something more serious issue which can create a lot of trouble as time passes by. The reason behind calling it a mistake is that we cannot understand the fault we have done until and unless the effect is shown. We do not do it intentionally but we do it by chance. It is not that mistakes take place in a place of work or at the point of doing work. Sometimes while playing a prank or by some practical jokes, something goes wrong and there takes place a huge accident. The part where something goes wrong is what we call a mistake. There is no full proving idea or plan to escape a mistake. We need to accept it that humans will make mistake and mistake will lead to something or the other.

Mistakes can be Disastrous or Advantageous

Some mistakes cause a lot of damage to the human civilization and to the nature. The famous Chernobyl disaster at Ukraine, in Russia, is one of the biggest examples of a little mistake. The nuclear reactor was left unchecked. The Bhopal gas tragedy in India, is an another example of mistake by leaving a small leakage in the gas reservoir. All of these mistakes caused lot destruction to human lives and causing till now. But sometimes, mistakes also lead to positive things. The father of inventions, Sir Thomas Elva Edison, by chance fell into the bushes of fruits bearing thorns, and he got those fruits attached all over his coat and from it, he invented veil-crew which is now widely used  in shoes, dresses, bags, etc. The scientist, Sir Benjamin Franklin, one day attached a key to a kite having the thread of pure silk and made it flew on a stormy day. As we all know that metals like iron and steel conducts electricity, the electric charges from the clouds passed through the key and reached his body giving him an electric shock and he sprang to his new idea of electric charges. It is not always that mistake to be considered as mistakes. These little mistakes helped us a lot in improving our life style and comforts.

Mistakes are made to Learn

The question ‘how could I do it?’ has no solution in it but the question ‘how to repair it?’ has a solution. We should to learn to turn the negative things to the positive things as this is the one and only way to overcome the mistakes we do in our life which sometimes fills us up with remorse and depression. We must not think that we cannot change the situation as nothing is impossible and nothing is new under the same sun. What we must inculcate in ourselves is a bit of positivity, a little confidence, a little courage and a lot of will power which will not only help us to overcome our mistakes but also any further problems.

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