Actual meaning and people’s perception

The word desire holds different meaning for different people. It can be on the positive as well as the negative. A desire means the willingness to get something; it is also referred to as the wants and needs of a person. It may vary from people to people and is also dependent on the age group and the thinking of an individual. Desire of a toddler is to get his favorite toy while the desire of an adult could be something more meaningful in life. Desires are not merely limited to tangible entities. You can also possess a desire for emotions like love, hatred, friendship and sorrow. It may also be linked to sexuality. The actual meaning of desire depends on the context in which one is talking. In general, it refers to something that holds an intrinsic value in your life. Life is full of tragedies when you do not get what you desired. It sometimes gives rise to an obnoxious feeling leaving the person in jeopardy. The positive significance of this attribute comes out from the fact that a positive desire helps the person to overcome the shortcomings of life. If you have something that you truly desire, with a strong fortitude and dedicated approach, you work your heart out to get it. All the people who made history had an obsessive desire to excel in their fields. They never bothered about the perception and thinking of other people. On the converse, they did what their inner voice told them. Human beings have a desire for lot things. It ranges from tangible entities like money, niche products, luxurious house, cars and jewelry to non-tangible entities like a huge pool of emotions. One must always remember that desire will never get fulfilled unless you make an effort to get them.

Sayings about desire

The feeling of serenity helps you in realizing that not all things that you desire can be true. Some people find themselves locked into unrealistic desires, which creates a feeling of inferiority if they, are not able to achieve it. So, one should always remember to draw the line between obsession and desire. Looking from a positive point of view, the desire has many pros in human life. When you start desiring for something, you start possessing other good qualities like dedication, discipline, self-respect and concentration. Nevertheless, always be sure that what you desire is right and gettable. A famous saying about desire is that it can bring out the real person from an individual. Big entrepreneurs, celebrities and sportsperson have a strong desire and a positive zeal to stand out in their profession. Working for the right desire, with the right approach, at the right time and to the right degree is very essential if you want to fulfill your desire.

Men and women

Desires can take a different picture if you differentiate them between men and women. Both of them have different desires. While men desire for a good job, a beautiful wife, status and fame, the desire of a women could be a certain model of a diamond. It is because they have different perception and outlook towards things. Once you get preoccupied within your work, you desire less, but as soon as you free yourself from the hectic schedule of your work, you start rediscovering yourself. Desires begin to roar inside you and you constantly strive to achieve it. Motivation plays a very important role in desire. If you are a self motivated person then the chances to fulfill your desire are maximum It is rightly said that “it is a waste to desire for anything if you don’t have the zeal and motivation to get it. Always keep yourself motivated no matter what the circumstances are, and you will see your desire turning into reality. Desires can also be fictitious but one must not forget that, every fiction is based in certain aspects of reality. Desire can also be seen as the starting junction for a big achievement. Suppose that you work in a company as a manager and your desire is to be amongst the upper management. Then you have to work in tandem to fulfill your desire. You must be thorough and dedicated towards your work. A good rapport amongst the fellow employees will also benefit you. A main point to understand in this context is that you are the creator and destroyer of yourself. So always, choose the right desire and work hard until you get it. The path may be hard and full of obstacles but the one who overcomes it reaches the destination. Failures must not stop you from working towards your desire. Instead, learn from each failure and move ahead strongly. If you want to achieve something great in your life, then you must have strong desire to get it. However, desire may be an imposing term but if your intentions are right, your desires will never go unfulfilled.

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