The actual meaning

The ability of mental and physical traits of a person that helps them to accomplish fear is called courage. A courageous person is devoid of any fear. They know how to overcome difficult circumstances. They also possess the ability to come up strong in an abnormal situation. Life is short and a courageous person takes it as an adventure. Some of them like to take it on a slow note while others want to gamble with it. Reaching the heights where no one has reached is the best example of courage. A soldier, when goes into the battlefields does not know that whether he will survive or not, but it’s the inner voice, courage and strength that helps him to stay alive in worst conditions. The ethical and moral value of a person is quite different from reality but when the circumstances become hard, some people lose their values. On the contrary, a courageous person always stands up for wrong things and retaliate it with full force. It is very hard for someone to overcome their fear and only a person that does not compromise on the values is able to handle adverse situations. Courage is the real art of discovering inner strength. Sometimes, it could be the result of the external forces and pressure. With this quality, you can easily face any jeopardy, vagueness and pain. It depends on how quickly a person can overcome their fear. It’s the fear that stops the person from making right choices in life. We always know what the right path is, but we do not take it because it is too hard to travel. As we go through our lives, we come to the crossroads when we have to choose between the right path and the wrong path. If we have courage and strength, then we always go on the right path, the path that is made of right moral and ethical values. It takes us to the light of righteousness.

Importance in life

If one wants to be at par in their life, then they have to realize the importance of courage. Courage is not a quality that you can inculcate within yourself in a single day. It is the result of constant work and realization of the truth. Strong determination also helps in creating courage within a person. Life is full of hurdles every one has to face it in the due course. The most important trait of a courageous person is the self- belief and the ability to discriminate between right and wrong things. They are very strong mentally and do not break down easily. A famous quote reflecting the true meaning of courage says that courage is the supreme of all the virtues. If a man has no virtue then he cannot protect himself, let alone the others. Right judgments help you to conquer your fear. A successful life is the result of righteous decisions and right decisions is always taken with the help of courage. The mind sometimes goes into the dark shade and puts you in dilemma but if you have the right instinct, then no matter what, you will always end up on the winning side.

The process

You cannot become a courageous person if you have done something heroic in your life. A courageous person has a great respect for himself. You must be firm and respect your decisions and commitment because a person who has the respect for his decisions can easily gain respect from others. Courage is a result of sheer determination and overcoming of fear. It’s a long process and one has to go through many obstacles to come out shining. It not only makes your strong physically as well as mentally but also makes you a better person in the eyes of other people. Popular leaders of the past had the courage to stand up against wrong and this was the reason why people followed them with closed eyes. Martin Luther and Gandhi are the best examples of courage. They always stood up against injustice and evil and took the world by storm. However, they faced many obstacles on doing so, but they never left the right path. In spite of physical atrocities committed on them, they never drifted away from their path. The courage helped them to fight some of the longest battles against hatred. One of the best things about these men is the fact that they never used any weapons or methods of violence to show the anger. You do not have to possess a weapon be to be courageous, you can do it by simply conquering the fear inside yourself. It does not always come out roaring instead, it is the small voice inside you that says that “do not give up on trying”. It takes a great courage to stand up against bad and evil but its takes even greater degree of courage to listen quietly without resisting.

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