Five myths about happiness that don’t let you meet the requirements

Some people are in a continuous search for happiness. They keep wondering how some others are always happy at each step of their lives. Don’t they get struck by the harsh realities of life? These questions not only trouble the unhappy people but also make their pursuit for happiness difficult. Here are a few facts to enlighten you about some common myths about happiness.

Happiness is innate, something you can’t cultivate

If you feel that there are people who are born happy and others are not lucky enough to be happy in their lives, then you are wrong. There are simple behavior patterns that can help you stay happy and content in life. These changes don’t cost anything but a little shift in the outlook and an attempt to be kind to others can cheer you up. Blessings make you happy, not worldly possessions. If you look for your happiness in the wrong direction, you may never get it. The rule of happiness is simple, “you spend less time cribbing over something that you don’t have and more time on appreciating what life has given you.”

You can’t fake it, what’s the fun

Your feelings empower your actions and actions influence your feelings. You must have had so-called weird suggestions from people at a point of your life. They always tell you to stay strong, laugh even if you don’t feel like laughing, hold your head high to feel good and many more. The million-dollar question is that are these suggestions effective. Researchers have found that even fake smile reduces your stress level. It means that you can fake happiness to make yourself feel better until you really get your real moment to make you smile. Keeping a smile on your face, even a fake one could easily be justified.

Happy people are blessed

Happy people are blessed

Happy people are not stressed easily. However, one fact of the matter is that happy people develop an altogether different attitude towards life. You must agree with the fact that every trouble or happening of life has two sides to it. The theory is simple, happy people focus more on happy outcomes and unhappy people tend to look at the negativity of the circumstances. Being a job hunter can be viewed as having a lot of time for self-realization rather the putting on a puppy face.

Unhappy people stay unfocused

Unhappy people stay unfocused

Those who are unhappy with their lives tend to be unhappy with almost everything. They are less satisfied with their job and even if they look for another option, they stand fewer chances. Happy people find everything interesting, even if it is a challenge. They are not dissatisfied, if not satisfied with the kind of work they do. They often find it easy to move on from an unpleasant situation with their ability to leave all annoyances behind.

Happy people never feel down and low

Happy people never feel down and low

Happy people also get their share of happiness and sorrow. It is just that instead of spending a good amount of time to cry over their adversities, they chose to either remain indifferent or move on from negative feelings very quickly. You can’t call happy people less emotional but with their attitude, it gets easier to move on in life.

Make time to be happy even if for five minutes during the busy schedule of life. You would not only feel change in your mood but also find that you have been comparatively more productive. If keeping a smile brightens everything around then it is worth practicing.

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

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