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How to deal with a psychopath

deal with a psychopath

A psychopath is one of the most deadliest enemies to the society. Their actions are infectious, which means the person near him is under the risk of contracting his way of thinking. Following are some of the ways to deal with them.

Accept that some people literally have no conscience

Psychopaths are not gifted with conscience like normal people. This is what make them act without regarding other’s rights and safety. They lack stability in behavior and a fixed career path. They don’t question their motivations, thoughts and feelings, but rather act on the whim. So, once you accept that he/she has no conscience, it will save you from the disappointment you may otherwise feel. This will help you aware of him/her, and thus, help you keep to the right course – or the course you want – even if the other tries to sway you from one path to other every time. This step is more useful at work, especially in team-work, where effect of the psychopath’s actions is magnified.

Always trust your instincts and follow them

The main problem while dealing with a psychopath is that you tend to make wrong judgement. This usually happens when one gets too much involved with the psychopath. In such a situation, he/she tends to go too far on the wrong track to come back. The best way to deal with this problem is to trust your instincts. There may be cases where instincts can fail, but it is the only best option you have when you are working with a psychopath. It will help you keep on the track that is fixed for you, thus helping you paving a return path, if something goes wrong. Also, make sure that when the concerned person puts forward his/her choice, you should analyze on it before taking it up.

Keep yourself aware of the amount of flattery you deserve

Psychopathy is a psychological problem that makes the person insensitive to other’s rights of peaceful life. Their actions can vary from simple sadism to extreme aggressiveness. So, if you manage to find a psychopath in your midst, it is better to know how to deal with him/her, rather than facing him/her directly.

They may be insensitive, but they are masters of manipulation, just like narcissists. They have a knack of picking out people with low self esteem and use flattery to bring them to their side. This may sound good for the other person, but in the long run, the results are disastrous. So, you should be aware of yourself and the amount of flattery you actually deserve. This will help you point out over flattery, which, in turn, help you evade the concerned person before it is too late.

Resist the temptation to compete with a seductive psychopath

Psychopaths also tend to play their own games of sadism and manipulation. In some cases, when the victim realizes he/she has been played, instead of steering away, he/she tends to play his/her own game out of revenge, competition and amusement. This can lead to the consequences he/she may not manage to handle. So, when the psychopath tries to play with you, stop yourself from challenging his game. Instead, steer away from him, or, in case of work, make your superiors aware about him, so that proper action can be taken. This will not only help you deal with a psychopath in a better manner, but also keep you immune from falling in the grace.

Avoid any contact or communication with the psychopath

This is an advice for those who are in a voluntary relationship with a psychopath. This relationship can be parent child, colleague, friend, husband wife and other relationships in life. In such a case, the best way to avoid the psychopath is to severe all the relations with him/her. This will keep you away from his diabolical actions and consequences.

If the psychopath is your child, this option may not be a good one. Instead, you can take your child to a psychiatrist for treatment, as children have higher chances of coming over this personality disorder than the adults. If this does not work, try to help the child by using his psychopathic intentions for the good cause. You can watch documentaries and movies on psychopaths to deal with your child in a better and more matured manner.

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