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How to deal with scarcity of resources

scarcity of resources

The world is enough for every being’s needs, but not for his greeds. This is especially true when it comes to exhaustive resources, limited in quantity. These resources could be anything – food, money, oil, water, etc. A sense of urgency arises within us when we realize that we are short of resources. Yes, the scarcity of resources can really lead to some challenging situations if not tackled smartly. One needs to be extra cautious while the resources are limited and requirements are more.

Along with the tips of dealing with the scarcity of resources, this article will also help you to navigate through the limitations of various resources such as water and oil. Read on to find out more.

Spend wisely

Waste of drinking water

Once you know that certain resources are scarce as compared to the needs which are really high, it is to be assured that the current available resources are spent quite wisely and timely. This is really important as one has to understand the need of the time here and deal with the problem rather with more confidence and positive thinking. For example, if there is a certain scarcity of water, one can definitely cut off on that extra spending and wastage of water which is usually carried out when the resource is plentiful. Doing so would not only help us in coping out with our daily needs but would create a sense of discipline as well.

Don’t panic; believe in yourself

Most of us usually panic a lot whenever any resource is scarce or limited. We get confused as in what should be immediately done in order to fulfill our daily needs and while doing so we really mess up with the limited resource as well. This, in turn, leads us into a difficult situation wherein we end up in trouble. It is very important to tackle this matter with wits and smartness. Only this can help us to come out of the burden of limited resources. On the contrary, panicking would mess up the matter and increase the scarcity.

Look for alternatives

Look for alternatives

While there is a scarcity of a certain resource, spending the available bit wisely is an important task to do. However, one should not always run after those limited resources and finish them off by spending them. Rather, an alternative should be looked into, which is really possible in most of such matters. Such alternatives would not only allow those limited resources to add up slowly but also save them for future usage. Such limited resources could again be put into use when the scarcity is over. This is the wisest decision one can take and, of course, a smarter one.

Simple tips for dealing with water shortages

Water shortage is a gaping problem that should not be ignored by any of us. With drastic climatic changes taking place and as 71 percent of earth’s surface is covered with salty, undrinkable water and the drinkable water resources are getting polluted every day. In such circumstances, we need to pitch in and do whatever is in our power to help in preserving the water resources and overcoming the growing problem of water shortage. In some countries or regions, this problem is more prominent than in others but even if you are getting fresh and clean water every day you should not waste it unthinkingly. Your mistakes of today can be a curse for your coming generations of tomorrow. Due to the scarcity of drinkable water, you may be facing governmental restrictions on the usage of water or maybe you pay tax for using water. In some places, people have to buy their daily drinking water. Following are some helpful tips for battling water shortage.

Control the wastage of water

You should get small changes made and fix the leaks around your home. The drippy faucets can waste lots of water throughout the day unnecessarily. Such waste of water will amount to extra charges that you will have to pay as water bills. Make sure you tightly lock all faucets when they are not being used. Buy faucets with aerators. This will lower the amount of water that comes through the faucets. You will be able to control the water flow as you please. They don’t cost you much and easy to install. You need to clean the aerators only once in three months.

Lock the moisture

Lock the moisture

Do not clean or rake the leaves that cover your backyard in the autumn months. The leaves lock the moisture of your soil and don’t require watering on a daily basis. The branches of your yard trees provide shadow to the ground and lock the moisture which would get evaporated otherwise. Planting trees can help the lawn soil retain moisture for a longer period of time. You may spread mulch or wood dust on the soil around your flowering trees and shrub to keep the moisture from evaporating easily.

Smart appliances, less wastage

Smart appliances, less wastage

Home appliances like dishwashers and washing machines use a lot of water. This water is not recycled and gets wasted. Buy appliances that can work properly without wasting too much water. Smart use of technology can save water.

How to save oil for your future generation      

save oil for your future generation

One of the most serious issues in recent times is revolving around oil prices. High oil price is a threat to the economy of a country. Due to the increasing population, there is scarcity in the new era of the modernization and people need to adjust with the available resources. However, one should make an effort to preserve these resources for future scope or else it would lead to a drastic condition. The demand for oil is increasing because oil is necessary for our regular day-to-day life. Consumption and demand both lead to high oil prices. It is time to be alert and search for all possibilities to avoid this situation. It is important that all citizens try to conserve the natural resource, which is so important for survival.

Try to evaluate all factors to reduce its usage

 use bicycles instead of motor cars

One needs to take all the steps in order to lessen the impact of oil prices. Use oil only during major necessity. The citizen and the government must also be actively involved in these efforts. Try to use oil effectively without wasting the same. Some very small ways to save oil is to use bicycles instead of motor cars for short distances to save oil. Not only does it save oil, but it also helps to reduce the pollution in the atmosphere and maintains the ecological balance. People from the same organization can opt for the choice of car-pooling. Only use your vehicles at times of need and try and prefer using buses or for that matter, trains to reach your destination.

Endorse vehicles that depend upon biotechnology

Endorse vehicles that depend upon biotechnology

To save oil, one must have an idea about the traffic rules and act wisely when driving. It is better to switch off an engine when caught in the traffic signals. The modern inventions in technology have made people turn towards solar vehicles that use the sun as a major source, and it is one of the best processes to avoid excess use of oil. To save natural resources, some vehicles use biogas and battery. Try to use products that have a high composition of ethanol to serve the vehicles for a longer duration. The best alternative is to substitute environmental friendly products to save oil.

Take essential steps to save oil


The Government, on the other hand, has to make their relative efforts like decreasing taxes, increasing the transport vehicles, and maintaining the roads well. Traffic police should be responsible enough to clear all vehicles. This is the best solution for saving a high amount of fuel. The government must encourage natural techniques like bio-diesel and solar usage. It makes all its efforts to establish those companies, which are efficient in manufacturing vehicles that consume less petrol. Try to build bridges to drive traffic in different directions. One has to check with all the availability of natural resources. Creating awareness among individuals is the foremost responsibility of the government.

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