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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches

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Life is a roller coaster. If we do not experience the lows, we will never appreciate the highs. But we need to hold on. In roller coasters, we must hold on to our seats and handles. In life, we must hold on to our values and philosophy. We are always looking at making our lives better every moment every day but it doesn’t mean that we get success in the venture every time. Some of us get lucky all the times and some of us get lucky sometimes. Because of that, the only thing which is lacking is the philosophy that will change our lives totally.

As suggested by Alice Roosevelt Longworth “Fill what’s emptyEmpty what’s full. And  scratch where it itches”. I have a same and simple philosophy that I live every day without worrying about the whole life. The philosophy is not to live by the book. If we try and make our every day lives better by enjoying, every moment of our whole life would become better. Some people think that they would do all it takes to make their life the best but one important thing they don’t know that, to make the whole life beautiful, we first need to make our today beautiful.

The basic philosophy

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To actually go by this philosophy we got to fill what’s empty in our lives and also we got to empty what’s full. Without looking to make all those superfluous changes or additions that we are all looking for opportunities for which we should all look to change our mindsets, as it will change our point of view towards the things that we think are right. Because life is too short to think about making small changes but to take small steps toward making it beautiful. We have got to scratch where it itches.

There are basic factors in our lives that we should look after and this will solve all the problems regarding healthy, high, splendid life. Those are the basic needs of the human mind, body, and soul. We deal with these things daily but we ignore them as the superfluous things of our lives’.

But these things are those basic things that actually build our society from its very core. As a human being, we always tend to think only about ourselves, be it our career, social status, economic status, or all those things that actually place a strong base for our future. But one thing we all forget that our society is for the people, by the people, and with the people of society.I f we all think for the betterment of our society on our part then our society is bound to get to that highest level of success and it would also bestow that status upon us.

The basic things that we need to look after to catapult our society to that excellent stage are (a) Love, (b) Selfless Hard work, (c) Enjoying every moment of our life, (d) Determining to excel on every stage of our career.



These are those basic 4 things our lives that actually has been making all of us stick together to build & hold together a strong society. When we say that we got to fill what is empty it means we should not only try & create what’s not in our life but also we should help others to find out & fill the void in their lives. This will in turn help have a better camaraderie with our fellow socioeconomic members. And this comradeship would also, in turn, help you better socioeconomic status; social helps to your problems, good command over your sociability and above all a good tranquil mind to concentrate on your life.

This is part of the 1st basic thing which is (a) Love. We should also extend thins aspect of our lives through our work, our relationship with our family members, neighbors, and every living being hat our connected to or get connected for the normal course of time, work & circumstances. Even we should love the subject we study, work we do, the decisions we take, and above all ourselves.  This is how we would automatically learn and apply the means of how to fill what’s empty in our lives. And that’s how we would come close o our goal of making our life worthy enough in future

Selfless Hard work


We got to love whatever job we are into. Whether we study, do job in a mnc, do a government job, the government paid school teacher or a small business owner or big one we got to give our 100% to make it to the top. As we have already discussed that the way to success is long so we got to take small steps by trying & making our every day full of enthusiasm and work that we love or are into. If we just try to do our daily job perfectly then our yearly job is perfect and if we continue this through all the years then we are bound to make a definite strong future in our careers. And of course, we have to enjoy every moment that we are spending behind our jobs.

Enjoying every moment of our life

Enjoying every moment of our life

The points given above automatically takes us to this point where it tells us to enjoy the time, moment, hour and day. When we only worry about our future we don’t remember to make our today perfect and today is the base of our future. So when the base is not strong how can we expect our future to be strong? The answer is that we should enjoy our today by doing our jobs every day correctly. Thus we can enjoy our future too.

Determining to excel on every stage of our career

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This determination is all about making our life prosper in every which way possible. That comes with a condition of relentless perpetual will to maintain our socioeconomic life. We all want what we don’t have in our lives so we “scratch where it itches”. Our needs have become our cause of life but we forget that our life is the main reason behind our needs. Forgetting this very fact we embark on a journey which is brainless, superfluous, we think it’s necessary for our life. Here the moral is that we should only go after what our life demands us to subsist upon.

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