Is Money all that is needed always to help Humanity or there is a need for Willpower Encouragement?

What is going to happen to welfare recipients if there’s no welfare? What will they expect? Will welfare be done away with – while not inflicting mass starvation?

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Why can we have welfare? Is it necessary?

I’ve declared a number of my thoughts on the state on this page and i am asking you to chew over the problems and contribute to the spoken communication at the tip of the page. Is it necessary to be content with just the money? Just because you have got money, does it mean that you have the world?  What if there was no welfare?   Would kids starve?  Would families be poverty-stricken and line the streets? Would young girls be a lot of careful to not…Would young fathers-to-be be a lot of seemingly…  Such kinds of questions arise in one’s mind when thinking of money and super powers.

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What if no Money was spent out of Generosity?

What if there was no welfare? …would all the poor folks die? The questions keep on troubling. If there was no welfare, working folks wouldn’t need to support non-working folks, however would taxes go down or would the govt. notice another reason to stay our money? In fact not all poor folks would die, however would a number of them? I’ve been on the fence with welfare problems for several years. I have seen that the state has robbed folks of motivation, inspired dependency, association and created an era of drawn-out poorness and backward mentality.  However, will we have a tendency to withdraw or assist once numerous areas are poverty-stricken already? Does one assume it couldn’t happen? Already California’s governor tried to get rid of welfare for the poor, and if it might happen here, it might happen anyplace. Our country is in terribly dangerous form, financially. However will we have a tendency to continue causing support checks to thus many?

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Starvation has a Solution but is it Money?

Would kids starve? …or would community organizations dig in to assist them…. I’ve met numerous generous folks; however is charity enough to provide the requirements of the poor and destitute? If welfare ends, there’ll most likely be plenty of folks feeding in soup kitchens. A society encouraging charity would be associating surprisingly a totally different place than this society we’ve got smitten by welfare. Would families be poverty-stricken and line the road with tents? …would they ever get on their feet and notice housing and jobs? If all the money the govt. spends on hand-outs was instead spent on golf stroke poor Americans to figure, these folks may need hope. To tug the floor cover out from underneath them while not serving to them and still notice stable things would be cruel. That begs the question – however cruel will we have a tendency to be? It looks some politicians haven’t any drawback with forcing folks into the streets and out of their homes.

Money has many Faces

Money has many Faces

A lot of times, it isn’t the show of money that counts. However, having a powerful name can definitely take you places. Hence, it isn’t necessary that you need to have wads of notes in order to showcase your power. Yes, money is important and it is there but there is more to things than just that. For instance, by spending money on charity and welfare, one earns a name for themselves. After that, there is no need to spend money over and over. One can take it for granted that they have complete support of those whose welfare they have taken care of. Hence, having money behind isn’t all. Now, you have the power and this is what counts. After this, even if you don’t have the money or if you go totally bankrupt, you will still have the power. For, no one will really know how much money you have got or how much money you haven’t. They now know you as someone who is powerful. Hence, having money or not having money at the back of your hand all the time isn’t always the need. In fact, the situation itself may not be the same all the time. Yet, if you have been kind enough to participate in someone’s welfare then it isn’t your money that is speaking but your favour that is speaking. The same people may not have known who you are before you conferred your kindness upon them.

Hence, don’t always count on the power of money. For all you know, it might just be a put up and nothing else.

Summary – End welfare and humanity; what would happen to humanity if there was no welfare? Welfare, as an establishment of state, could also be on the answer.

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