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How change can help you grow to live a great life


People (generally!) fall into two categories: those who thrive on change and those who will do almost anything to avoid it. The latter group is really missing out, as change can be very healthy. Of course, one shouldn’t change simply for the sake of change but continuing to evolve is how we grow and get better at this thing called life. Wondering how change can help you grow? Read on.

First and foremost, change can help you get over the dreaded plateau that everyone has reached at one point or another. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and, worse, to not even realize we’re in a rut. Perhaps it’s where you’re at in your career. It could even be your eating or fitness habits. Maybe you’ve begun to work too hard and you’re not enjoying the things you used to do, like traveling.

Too often we float through life on autopilot, literally and figuratively. You’ve probably driven to work before and don’t even remember the drive, right? Hey, it happens. Routines are good but it’s also healthy to shake them up a bit. We’re not telling you to jump feet first into becoming a photographer when you’ve been trained as an accountant. But if you can think of implementing small changes that can get you over the hump, you’ll be surprised at how little you go on autopilot and how much you’re actually living in the moment. And when it comes to things like fitness routines, adding in some changes here and there is what keeps “shocking” our body into making the workout effective for us. If you go on the same run at the same pace every day, your body is eventually going to get used to it and get very little value out of it. See, change is good!

Change can help you ease out of bad habits. As mentioned above, many of us start out the year strong when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions to get fit and eat better but, come April, we’ve already resorted back to our easy but ill-fitting (in more ways than one!) ways.

The thing about change that scares some people is that they assume it has to be gigantic life changes. That’s not necessarily the case. It can be something as simple as getting up earlier in the morning. Research has shown that people who do this are often happier and more productive. When it comes to exercise, it’s almost always best to get it out of the way first thing. Not only will that early AM workout boost your metabolism and give you energy for the rest of the day, but you’ll have no excuses—like being tired—after a long day in the office.

Deep breaths for this one. There might come a time when you really do need to attempt that big change. A change in relationship. A change in careers. A change in your children’s schools. If something isn’t serving you and you have the means to change it, why won’t you do it? Of course, you won’t burn bridges at your current job until you’ve got something else lined up but let’s say a promotion is waiting for you in another city. The city you live in is all you’ve known and you’re nervous. Nerves are good but staying simply because of them is not. There comes a time when a big change might be necessary to grow. Don’t let it overwhelm you. If you can, take it slow and break the process into pieces. If you’re moving, a company like Frontier Properties can help you sell your house so you can move and move on. Get the help you need to make this exciting change.

We get it. Change can be a frightening proposition. So many of us love our oldest shoes, as they are broken in and comfortable. But are we getting the best time on our runs in these old, worn out things? Absolutely not. Take it at your own pace but just don’t be afraid to take it, as change can, indeed, help you to grow.

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