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15 Amazing Websites That Make a Smarter You

15 Amazing-Websites That Make Smarter You

The internet is a vast resource of information. You browse the net every day and it would be really useful if you spend the time on the net learning something. Perhaps you always wanted to learn but could not afford the college fee or maybe you just didn’t have the time for higher education. Or you want to learn a language – whatever your requirement, there are numerous websites to make you smarter. Check out these 15 websites which can enhance your knowledge:

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free collegiate level education on a huge range of topics. They will provide you with plenty of resources and also assess the progress of your study, and gauge what you have learned.


You can fulfil your dream of learning another language, say French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, English or Italian, for free. Depending on your hard work, you can learn any or all of these languages in a few months. And maybe the site will include more languages soon.


Codeacademy is for those who want to learn programming languages. This site teaches basic coding and has tools which help you to be an expert in languages like Javascript, HTML, CSS and so on.

Digital Photography School

This website has a number of articles which help you become an ace photographer. Beginners and skilled photographer both benefit from this site and the active forum allows you to connect with other photographers.


You can add to your vocabulary and feed the hungry at the same time, when you use this website.


It’s a blog that helps you understand the intricacies of the financial world. Tutorials and videos helps you understand the changing world of finance. The latest news stories will grip your interest and you’ll keep using this site.


It’s a forum where you can ask anything from anyone, even experts in a particular field. You can also answer questions and receive feedback from many people who share the same interests as you.

Project Gutenberg

It’s an open library which lets you download thousands of free eBooks, and there’s nothing illegal about it. This site was founded in 1971 and you can download free kindle books as well.


Lumosity has become a well-known resource for people who like to sharpen their brain. With the help of games, this website makes you cleverer, as you exercise your brain cells. The software can figure out your weaknesses and strengths (in math or memory skills) and assign games accordingly.


TED talks have benefited many people for many years. These talks give you free insights from the leading experts on tons of topics. You gain knowledge without having to spend what you would on a seminar, sitting at home, and watching TED talks. You can access TED talks from the app, as well download from iTunes.

Recipe Puppy

Enter the ingredients in your kitchen into the search engine and the site will come up with recipes that are possible with the ingredients that you already have. You can enjoy cooking anytime without even having to shop for a long list of ingredients.

MIT Open Courseware

You can be smarter than an MIT student, as MIT educators have given out for free, tons of online courses through Open Courseware. Millions of people have gained much knowledge from the huge amount of information that is provided through the courses.


This site has simple instructions and fun videos, which teach you to make anything you want. You can submit inventions and share them with everyone. Another site which helps you learn cooking, decorating, fixing, planning, gardening and so on, is eHow.


You have to memorize a lot of information for your studying purposes. Using flashcards, you can recall things much faster, which is how Anki helps you. It’s a site which allows you to create flashcards which helps in recalling your study material. Anki allows you to use images, audio and video to help you study smart and fast.

You can make good use of the net to learn anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to. There are sites which provide good exercises for your brain, making you sharper and smarter.

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