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If any form of tourism is growing faster than expected, it is wellness tourism. Wellness tourism is a form of travel aimed at self-well-being and health. It could be traveling to a destination solely for […]

Importance and advantages of wellness tourism

Do you know what can make a wellness stay more happening? A luxurious and relaxing spa center! This is when I traveled to this glorious land of Kazakhstan. I had the pleasure of experiencing exceptional

The Bali Spa Center at Grand Hotel Tien Shan

A detox spa is just what you need in the synthetic modern world Today’s living has become a constant war with our own selves as well as with the components of the environment, which is

Aqua Detox treatment

Have you ever wondered which is the deepest place in the world? It is Jordan‘s Dead Sea shoreline. It is not just famous for this geological significance but is one of the most tourist friendly regions

Jordan worth visiting

South Sinai as a tourism destination has been much favored by Europeans since long mainly because of its proximity and the year round sunny climate. Wellness tourism being the latest travel craze among the affluent

Sinai Wellness Tourism

Wellness tourism has been on the rise for some years now. With a 12% growth experienced by the sector every year, many are expecting the industry to boom further. A lot of factors can be

Thai Massage

Wellness travel is related to the concept of traveling to a domestic of foreign locale for relaxation purposes. A lot of individuals are opting for wellness tourism these days in order to distress the body


Wellness tourism is increasingly becoming a necessity for those who find it hard to cope with the stresses of modern life. While a lot of countries around the world promote wellness tourism, there are only

Wellness parameters

Wellness tourism has now become a major part of the tourism sector that is a whopping $3.5 trillion industry. Not considered so important earlier, wellness travel started enjoying a steady growth in recent years. It

japan spa vacation hotspot

Thinking of going on a spa holiday to rejuvenate your body and mind? While we won’t stop you, we would ask you to consider a few important pointers before choosing a specific spa retreat for

Woman in hammam or turkish bath
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