Red Sea, South Sinai Emerging as One of the Choicest Wellness Tourism Destination for Europeans

Sinai Wellness Tourism
South Sinai as a tourism destination has been much favored by Europeans since long mainly because of its proximity and the year round sunny climate. Wellness tourism being the latest travel craze among the affluent Europeans and Americans, the region is reaping rich benefits. Moreover, the low price of all basic facilities of this wellness tourism destination is a bonus attraction that does not drill a big hole in the tourist’s pocket.

It is true that this region suffered huge losses in the tourism sector last couple of years due to frequent air crashes and internal turmoil. The good news is that the sun is shining again in the Red Sea with Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Dahab dotted on either sides seeing increased tourist footfalls mainly from Europe and Russia.

Sinai – Ever attractive as wellness tourism destination

Sinai Wellness Tourism Destination

The Sinai Peninsula covering an area of about 61,000 square kilometers offers endless vacationing opportunities keeping the tourists engaged in a range of fun-filled activities and exploration. Specially, for the scuba divers, golfers and snorkelers, it is the heaven. Well known for its tranquil ambience, the peninsula attracts millions of globe trotters looking for a relaxing vacation.

The region has combined its enigmatic charm from the whispering past with the modern concept of holidaymaking. It has taken the idea of travel itself to fascinating heights. The picturesque escarpments and the arid limestone valleys of the Eastern Desert region remain comparatively virgin with fewer human footprints on its soil. The Red sea has a pronounced harvest of coral reefs loaded with maritime history digging into the times when Pharaohs ruled the country.

Pulsating nightlife, fast driveways and mouth-watering gourmet delicacies are just a few attractions among many, strong enough to fascinate a tourist. There is a wide range of classy accommodations to choose from.

Sea-inspired therapies driving wellness tourism

Wellness Tourism Therapies

Apart from adrenaline-rushing activities, the popularity of the region for its sea-inspired therapeutics is another big draw for the European tourists. Since ancient times, Egypt is well known for its mineral enriched hot springs having awesome therapeutic properties, and Red Sea is one of the prime centers of these therapies.

Today, the wellness treatments clubbed with other alternative therapies are gaining huge popularity where tourists are giving great importance to the wellness factor while vacationing. The objective is to get back home rejuvenated and recharged not exhausted and drained after hectic touring activities.

Resorts dotting Sharm El Sheikh (South Sinai) have shot in the global limelight offering the best spa and Pharaonic treatments that a wellness tourist would look for. Saunas, hot whirlpool baths (Jacuzzi), bubble baths, Turkish baths, facial massage etc are ubiquitous in all spas soaking the tourists in a complete relaxing ambience. In wellness treatments, they have brilliantly borrowed ideas of holistic Asian philosophies creating a unique mix of therapies.

In Sinai, hammams, sauna baths, steam rooms and aromatherapy massages are regular features in hotels and resorts. Hot oil baths with traditional Egyptian herbs and oils popular since the days of Cleopatra are hot favorites with the wellness tourists. Seaweed wraps, mud masks and exfoliating sand scrubs are other well known traditional therapies that float around the spas.

Introducing other alternative wellness treatments:

Wellness Treatment

Besides, these spas have intelligently incorporated sea water hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, algotherapy, underwater massage therapy, electrotherapy, inhalation therapy, oxygen therapy etc. taking the wellness treatments to new heights.

It is mainly the existence of skilled and knowledgeable man power that has led to the fast growth of luxury resorts and high end spas. European tourists in the quest for relaxation and wellbeing simply love the ambience and the service delivery that allow them to unwind.

Achieving international certification:

This quality of service delivery in these resorts and hotels has gained high reputation. One of the hotels of the Red Sea region bagged the Best Health International Certificate by TUV Rheinland. It is the only hotel in Egypt and the first one outside Europe to win such a prestigious recognition.

The certification is awarded only after meeting the standards of 130 inspection criteria. This included the expertise of therapists, food and hygiene and the effectiveness of services ensured while applying the therapies.

In a bid to promote wellness tourism all over the country, the Egyptian Tourism authorities are going for an all-round effort to bag more such prestigious accreditations and certifications. Sensing the immense potential of Red Sea Sinai, the government has taken appreciable measures that resulted in the fast growth of this region as a wellness tourism destination.

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