Bridge Pose

Yoga Butt! A term you must have heard women talking about, or must have read it on the pamphlets of some yoga class in town. Well, yoga butt is perfectly toned and proportioned butt that […]


Cannot say how and when people started associating yoga to something that is only for women. However, this mentality is absolutely wrong but still many men prefer to have this mentality over the one that


Yoga is an ancient form of Hindu discipline which is originated in India and aims at strengthening and bringing inner peace to your mind, body and spirit. With the help of meditation and physical workout


Blame it on their lack of will or a genuine urge to quit it actually, smokers often find it difficult to break free from the abhorrent practice. Especially when they have smokers around them, it


Shoulders form an important part of our upper body, especially when it comes down to the physique of a man. They relate to the crucial component of the body’s core system, and thus equate to

Bow Pose to develop strong shoulders

Infertility can be a traumatic experience for the affected people, given our society’s flawed notion about women being perceived as child bearers. In this regard, there are some Yoga poses that can improve your chances

infertility issues

In simple terms, Osteoporosis is a degenerative bone disease that takes its toll as we go on aging. This phenomenon occurs due to loss of bone density, which also leaves the remnant bones more susceptible


  When the chimes of wedding sound its sonorous notes, it is time for sending flower vendors, caterers, bookings and listening to a plethora of varied advices from different friends. In short, this is a

yoga poses for brides and grooms

Sciatica can be a painful experience for some, especially when the affected ones try to stand or walk. The obtrusive condition results from inflammation of our spinal nerves, whose baleful effect can stretch from our


As we all know, increasing one’s metabolism rate is a great way to lose weight and keep in shape. And, in this regard, there are some Yoga exercises that work remarkably well on your metabolism

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