Yoga poses and exercises for a shapely butt


Yoga Butt! A term you must have heard women talking about, or must have read it on the pamphlets of some yoga class in town. Well, yoga butt is perfectly toned and proportioned butt that a woman or a man can only get after years of practice and determination.

Achieve a “Yoga Butt”

Yoga Butt is a new age term we use for perfectly shaped buttocks that almost every woman craves for. They are tight, high, and sculpted, as if they are what the tight pants were made for. Walking with such sexy buttocks on the street means all eyes on you and some people, especially women feeling jealous of you, and some might get inspired too.

Practicing yoga everyday tones and elongates your muscles, and sculpts it into a beautiful body. Coming back to perfectly shaped buttocks or the Yoga Butt, the best way you can achieve them is through yoga practice only. Here are some of the yoga poses that are especially meant to tone and sculpt your buttocks into a Yoga Butt.

The Chair Pose

Somewhat similar to doing squats, the chair pose helps tighten and shape your thighs and butts. Stand with your feet a bit apart from each other and then bend your knees without any jerk. With your hands stretched in front and knees bent, maintain this posture for as long as you can before coming back to the normal position.

Bridge Pose

Lie down on your back keeping your feet and hip wide apart. While pressing your feet you have to lift your hips and hold this position for a few seconds. This particular pose brings into use your core muscles and your butts, and is helpful to relax your body and burn calories.

Warrior III Pose

This pose gives your body a T shape, as it uses your torso, arms, and legs. You start with standing on one leg and lifting the other leg at a right angle. Then you extend your arms straight and lean your body forward, as much as it comes in line with the leg that you have lifted. You are supposed to balance your body in this position for some time and then repeat the same steps with another leg. The Warrior III pose tones your buttocks and also your arms, abs, chest, and shoulders.

The Locust Pose

Lie down on your belly and keep your arms by your sides and your palms facing up. Inhale and while keeping your pelvis touching the ground lift up your neck, chest, arms, and legs. You will feel a cramp like strain in all the parts you have lifted including the muscles in your buttocks. You are supposed to inhale wile you stretch and exhale your breath while you release the stretch.

Downward facing dog variation

Downward facing dog pose has a reputation of toning the butt and allowing it to do some free movements, which makes it a pose helpful for couples as well. Place your hands down on the mat and your feet also, so that your body makes a bow shape. Facing down, now lift your leg up high so that you feel strain in your butts, Do the same with the other leg, doing so on a regular basis tones and sculpts buttocks into a yoga butt.

The Half Moon Pose

This pose targets your buttocks and legs, and gives them immense strength and a perfect shape. You are supposed to bend your body and lay your hands and feet on the mat while facing downwards. Now, lift your one leg and stretch it backwards and the opposite arm also, as in if you are lifting your right leg then lift your left arm. Feel the strain and balance your body well, you will get toned butts, groins, and hamstrings.

Figure hugging pants look flattering on women who have toned butts and to achieve such toned butts, you require doing some of the yoga poses that are adept at sculpting your butts into perfect butts.

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