Using Yoga to increase body height for children

Almost all of us, if at all you remember your childhood days doing cycling for hours and to hang yourself on those monkey bars just in order to increase your height, and now you can see children around you playing basketball and doing other exercises that they believe can enhance their height. Proper height is one important aspect that enhances a person’s personality and confidence. One such technique that growing children employ worldwide to increase their height is yoga, as certain yoga poses elongate body muscles and help increase height.

Can yoga actually increase height?

A number of factors influence the height of a person, such as hormones, nutrition, genetics, and environment. If there seems to be no problem with all these factors in a growing person’s life then certainly yoga helps increasing one’s height, and sometimes it deals with hormonal problems, set them right, eventually bringing an increase in height.

Yoga practice enhances the functional ability of a body and makes it extremely flexible and elastic. Especially if you consider the standing yoga poses, they are good for children and people until the age of 25 desiring a height increase. Those poses stretch your spine, make your body strong and give your body a correct posture, which automatically makes you gain a few inches. Here is some height enhancing yoga poses that you must make your child practice daily:

The Palm Tree Pose for height rise

Tadasana is the palm tree pose wherein you keep your body erect while gazing at the sky. You are supposed to breathe in deep while raising your hands with open palms straight above your head. While holding your hands straight up, you raise your heels too and feel the stretch in your entire body, and while exhaling come back to your normal standing position.

This pose stretches spinal column, loosens it, and makes it a healthy spine. Stretching of spinal column makes your posture correct, which is a pretty good sign for people who want to gain some inches. This is one of the best and the most effective yoga poses that help increase height in children.

The Triangle Pose for height rise

The Triangle Pose is known as the Trikonasana, and it also helps elongate and bring flexibility in the spinal column. It is beneficial for children, as it helps expand muscles and increase height, and for elders this pose tones their buttocks and releases tension in their back.

You stand erect with legs apart, and then bend forward to touch your palms on the ground. Now inhale and raise your right arm by the side of your head, and then do the same with your left hand while maintaining your triangle posture as per your comfort.

Some more easy poses for enhancing your height with yoga

Talasana: (the Mountain Pose)

This is one of the easiest yoga pose your children will find and it gives remarkable results. Stand straight with your feet part and stretching your spine. Clasp your hands with fingers and take your hands above your head stretching your arms and spine. With your palms facing the sky, lift your heels and try to balance yourself in this posture for a while. Exhale, come back to the original posture and then repeat.

Tree Pose

Tree pose is ideal for making your body strong and giving your body the suitable posture that elongates it and makes one gain few inches height, which otherwise remain hidden in a slouching body. Stand straight, stretch your arms above your head and hold your hands in a Namaskar mudra. Now lift one of your legs, bend it, and place its sole on the inner side of the other leg.

Yoga helps increase height in children by curing hormonal imbalances and in others it helps them gain a few inches by making them get rid of their slouching body and giving them a new, suitable posture.

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