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Benefits of meditation are well known to us. The term Dynamic Meditation is not much heard of, but it is a unique concept envisaged by Osho. In a society overwhelmed with turmoil and disturbances, it is not an easy way out to meditate in a place with full concentration. Moreover, for those, who find stress has turned into a part of their lives meditation seems even more difficult.

What we are looking for is dynamic meditation which can be a solution to the issue. Osho’s dynamic concept will help you achieve the healthy benefits of meditation. It is a departure from focusing your concentration on the mind to a rather heart centric concentration. Again, from the heart, the focus of energy moves to our head and this has been explained by Mr. Anil Chandwani, an executive member of the Osho meditation management team.

Meditation Guide and Articles by describes the process of meditation is a goal to achieve inner peace, calmness and promote happiness.

Benefits of meditation are well known to us. The term Dynamic Meditation is not much heard of, but it is a unique concept envisaged by Osho. In a society overwhelmed with turmoil and disturbances, it […]

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A glimpse at the philosophy of Vipassana meditation and its benedictions over mind and body: This is an age old deep rooted mental journey amid a placid ambience that originated in India. Myth goes that

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If you constantly feel tired and restless, chances are you may be suffering from stress. Stress can wreak havoc on your body and exhaust you to no end. There are several ways to curb it,

Jiva Meditation

We are aware that yoga has several benefits for both the mind and the body. Yoga can help increase concentration, improve physical fitness and assist in healing many diseases. It is been practiced now for


The word “dhyana” itself translates into “meditation” as well as “conscious thought”. Dhyana Yoga forms one of the 8 limbs of a core yogic practice. It is often marked as the 7th limb of a

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Knees are one of the most important parts of the human leg that supports your body and helps in locomotion.  It consists of bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Knee injuries are common in sports and


The growing health ailments and lifestyle diseases are a major setback in our lives and we have to find a permanent solution for these as soon as possible. We have an advanced medical technology that


Sometimes the right background ambiance is as important the inner concentration for a successful exercising session. And, what can be more harmonious than an apt musical atmosphere to your power Yoga workout? So, without further

Dancing Buddha - Soulfood Power Yoga CD

Living in these fast-paced times has come to mean instant material gains and pleasure, which rule our day to day practices. Life has become hectic with much of your time devoted mostly to sedentary and stressful works. You may find it extremely difficul

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