10 Tips for meditation: A journey for spiritual bliss


Living in these fast-paced times has come to mean instant material gains and pleasure, which rule our day to day practices. Life has become hectic with much of your time devoted mostly to sedentary and stressful works. You may find it extremely difficult to even churn out time to relax and think over issues concerning your own inner self. Everything becomes rigid and thus the much needed changes in lifestyle find no space in your daily schedule-book. Over the time, slowly, this mounting emptiness in your life, begins to grow large on you. Often you halt and question yourself, but this realization strikes you suddenly and then you get inclined to follow just anyone and everyone ready with an advice.

10 Tips for meditation: A journey for spiritual bliss

  1. What is meditation ?

  2. How To Leave the rush behind ?

  3. How To Stretch the muscles?

  4. How to Relax yourself ?

  5. How To Ready your mind for workout?

  6. How To Keep chanting a hymn/song?

  7. How To Watch your breath?

  8. Begin with short duration?

  9. How To Research over different Meditation techniques ?


Due to this growing spiritual awareness, health practices like yoga, and aerobics etc have become a vogue among people, both young and old. All thanks to the media and to alternative medicine branches across the world, yoga, and especially meditation is gaining popularity with people who desire to improve quality of their life. Although these practices are now being included into the so called “trendy” and “in-thing” categories, care has to be taken while selecting the trainer as well as during the training. Most people in their eagerness, may end up learning and practicing yoga and meditation under false guidance like TV channels or through video CDs etc.

Here are 10 most important tips to make you understand, how meditation is not so easy, the complexities involved and learn what it really means to meditate and find mental and physical peace thereupon.

1. What is meditation ?


Before you start on the journey of meditation, it is highly important to equip yourself with the correct guidance, in the form of a specialized teacher or a good instruction book. Meditation is an intricate science of gradual spiritual awareness. With a good trainer, you will be able to unravel the mysteries of this science and thus be able to reap better results in the long run. Meditation is almost like the exercise for the mind and the soul, so, care must be taken in its execution to avoid harm of any form.

2. Be regular

Once you have learnt the basics, you must try to make it a point to meditate on a regular basis, preferably daily. Certain duration of time should be dedicated to meditation whenever you feel peaceful and your nerves are at rest, that is the requisite and the perfect disposition to meditate successfully. This time could be at any hour of the day but most preferable are the early morning hours, when the noise levels are at its lowest and the mind is calm.

3. How To Leave the rush behind ?


If you have some urgent tasks to attend to, or some issues bogging you down, then it is best advisable not to meditate at that particular moment. You also must learn to let go, in order to meditate. That is very important to help retain your heart and mind at peace, thus leading towards stabilizing your spiritual energies.

4. How To Stretch the muscles?

Stretching is very necessary to reset the body mind co-ordination. It also relaxes the stressed or clogged muscles and tendon joints. It also reactivates your energy channels, letting the blood flow properly, and setting up the brain for meditation. Sedentary work can tire you hugely. In a way, stretching helps in awakening your senses and also calms down the stressed up body parts like the back, legs etc.

5. How to Relax yourself ?


To meditate well, it is imperative to understand how you can relax completely. It is advisable to get yourself a good quality yoga mat, cushioned enough to comfort you without making you feel sluggish! The best Asana or posture to meditate and also the most common one is the Sukh Asan (the Pleasant Posture). Here, one can sit cross legged, and the spine kept straight. The idea is to be able to relax while still be aware of the surroundings. With the back-bone straight, it facilitates inner speculation much more effectively.

6. How To Ready your mind for workout?

Prepare your mind in order to channelize your mental energies in a stabilized form. Brace yourself up to serious meditation where all your concentration is going be on retaining and building mental focus and handling thoughts etc. While sitting in the Posture, it is natural that the mind will wander, but like a good teacher to yourself, you shall be able to tame it back on the track.

7. How To Keep chanting a hymn/song?


The music induced into a tried and tested mantra or a short soulful song, can really bring about your spiritual attention to your mental processes without too much of rigid effort. The mantra can be small, but powerfully peaceful words as well, like, “Om”, “Peace”, “Love”, and “Relax” etc.

It can be said aloud, slowly or even said in heart, without making any sounds. When said with a slow rhythm, it can show much more positive results.

8. How To Watch your breath?

A careful watch over the breathing patterns during meditation, is one of the most prevalent practices. Constant watch over the slow inhaling and exhaling of air through your lungs helps you meditate in a better way. This way, your senses become attentive to the simultaneous movements around your chest and your heightened awareness levels let you gain prolonged concentration. This is helpful later, to be able to meditate effectively and effortlessly.

9. Begin with short duration?


Try to fix yourself a comfortable duration of time to meditate without any hiccups, but preferably a short time of 15-20 minutes for the beginners. Accordingly, with practice, this duration may be increased as you gain proficiency in it. The progress must be gradual.

10. How To Research over different Meditation techniques ?

Different traditions and different cultures offer various types of meditative healing practices. Try to read and research upon them a little. There are ample chances, some techniques may suit you better than the ones you already know and practice. After doing so, try to initiate yourself into them with patience.

The eventual goal of every living, social person is happiness, peace and love. Certainly, different people set out to achieve them differently. But most of the times, most people get lost and get trapped into a cycle of unhappiness, although they seemed to have planned and executed all their plans well. That is when you need to stop and look within for whatever you are searching. Meditation is the golden key to those gates of spiritual bliss and contentment. What needs to be understood is that the path to meditative fulfillment requires utmost patience.

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