Lack of physical activity, due to packed work schedules, is taking the toll on both physical and mental health of the people residing in cities all around the world. For inactive body makes our muscles […]

Yoga Poses to remain in shape

  To fervent Yoga aficionados, Ashtanga is the modern interpretation of the classical Indian style of Yoga. However, beyond its ‘purist’ scope, this form of workout is also seen as one most difficult practice of


With so many things on our mind, we fail to tackle stress, anxiety and unease with composure in our day-to-day life. Consequently, we find it difficult to meditate, relax and sleep when our body needs


Yoga Nidra is a Sanskrit term, which is literally translated to Yoga sleep. According to a more comprehensive explanation, it is the deep form of sleep induced by the profoundly meditative nature of Yoga. Now,

Yoga Nidra

Infertility can be a traumatic experience for the affected people, given our society’s flawed notion about women being perceived as child bearers. In this regard, there are some Yoga poses that can improve your chances

infertility issues

Some of us who are ardent sport enthusiasts would know about the common occurrence of injuries encountered by both amateurs and professionals. These injuries more often than not are directly related to the strain factor


  When the chimes of wedding sound its sonorous notes, it is time for sending flower vendors, caterers, bookings and listening to a plethora of varied advices from different friends. In short, this is a

yoga poses for brides and grooms

Ashtanga is one of the most complicated Yoga workouts. However, it is also one of the very few effectively ‘collective’ exercise regimes that work upon your fitness, muscles, concentration and flexibility. For this very reason,

woman practising Ashtanga yoga

Yoga being touted as a form of psychological exercise has long preceded its physical scope. However, in our remarkably sedentary modern era, a fit body is almost as important as a fit mind. In this

Yoga poses that trigger weight loss

Yoga in its classical scope is an all-round exercising regime for both our mental and physical faculties. However, in this article, we will go through some of the poses that specifically help in the latter

women practicing Virabhadrasana
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