Best yoga poses for brides and grooms

yoga poses for brides and grooms


When the chimes of wedding sound its sonorous notes, it is time for sending flower vendors, caterers, bookings and listening to a plethora of varied advices from different friends. In short, this is a busy period which can certainly be overwhelming and stressful for the bride to be. However, Yoga as a collective form of exercise does have some solutions for your ‘perturbed’ psychological state. And beyond just sound mentality, you also need to fit in that lovely wedding gown!

Starting Warm up Poses –

1. Child’s Pose

Also known as the Balasana, the name very well describes its relative simplicity. Developed for both children and adults, the restorative pose entails a full kneeling on the floor with the child’s toes touching together. Their torso can then be laid down upon the thigh support along the ground. The favorable effects can result in increased elasticity to our hips, ankles and thighs.

2. Downward Dog Pose

This complete downward facing position requires you to put your knees below the thigh region (with your heels resting on the floor), while you stretch your arms forward (with the palms resting on the floor). Now, you move up your knees along with lifting up your tailbone, while your heels press more on the ground. This exercise helps in strengthening your legs and also makes your hamstring and calves more flexible.

Strength and Weight Loss Poses –

3. Bridge Pose

This is an inverse position which flexes and massages your thyroid gland. For the pose, you require to lie on your back with your knees bent and feet slightly apart. Then you need to reach your heels with your fingertips. Finally, when this is achieved, you have to raise your hips from the ground by pressing through your knees and heels. During this posture, you need to take your arms up and keep them grounded below the gluteus. After this you need to roll your shoulder blades for around 45 seconds.

4. Boat Pose

This abs and spine flexing posture requires you to move your knees towards your chest. This is to be done with the lower pelvic region as the ground support. Now, you have to move up your straightened legs along a linear line, so that they form around 45 degrees with the ceiling. This should be done with your spine being still kept firm without hunching. However, if your back begins to bend, you should stop straightening your legs for a half boat pose.

Final Relaxation Poses –

5. Hero Pose

A complete kneeling pose, this knee joint enhancing posture requires you to move your heels alongside your buttocks, while your ankles are used as support upon the ground. Now, with your knees touching each other, the ideal situation is to place your butt region upon the floor (like sitting) between your legs. However, some may experience difficulty in doing this. So, they can use an external support for sitting, which can be placed between their legs.

6. Savasana

This is perhaps the most important pose for relaxation, as it works as the tranquilly meditative finale to your previous exercising sessions. For the posture, you need to firmly lie down on your back, with your feet around 0.3 m apart. You have to keep your palms open and facing to the ceiling, while your shoulder blades are aligned towards your spine. Finally, you need to inhale and exhale slowly, until your body enters the stage of total repose.

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