Yoga Postures

How many times has it happened that when you suffer from back pain someone suggests yoga or any such treatment to get rid of it? Nowadays alternative medicines are gaining ground throughout the world. In […]

Reiki is a custom of curing through hand healing

Yoga is all about creating the right posture and alignment of the body. Posture alignment is essential while practicing yoga for optimal movement of the body. A good posture allows body to act as a

get right alignment from yoga postures

Hiking not only let you experience the adventure but also let you get closer to the nature. It refreshes the mind and body and gives a chance to getaway from the congested urban setting. Thousands

yoga postures for serious hikers

People enjoy different forms of workout, while some prefer to burn calories in the gym, other prefer more holistic fitness routines such as Yoga. Both workout options have their merits and while hitting the gym


According to yoga gurus, good digestion is the essential for a healthy body and mind. Certain yoga postures are said to address specific body ailments and some such postures can be practiced for better digestion.

yoga postures for better digestion

For a Yoga practitioner, learning the technique of relaxation is the most important part because, without proper relaxation one cannot feel the sense of calmness in their body. The art of proper relaxation should be

Yoga postures that help you relax

Knees are one of the most important parts of the human leg that supports your body and helps in locomotion.  It consists of bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Knee injuries are common in sports and


Samadhi is a state of having reached a superior level of consciousness. Generally, the word Samadhi refers to attaining a meditative state so intense that activates your super consciousness, which makes breaking the tie with

Samadhi Yoga

Just the perfect yoga exercise for improving spinal flexibility, the Locust pose, also called as shalabha-asana, is a challenging yoga pose that requires practice. Aside from providing necessary strength to your lower back, upper legs,


Getting old is not an easy affair, as many of us would have found out the hard way. However, previously we have harped about Yoga being a collective exercise. And interestingly, this collective nature not

yoga poses and postures for seniors
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