Best yoga postures for serious hikers

yoga postures for serious hikers

Hiking not only let you experience the adventure but also let you get closer to the nature. It refreshes the mind and body and gives a chance to getaway from the congested urban setting. Thousands of ardent hikers around the world travel widely for exploring new hiking trails. Though it is both exciting and fun, hiking is not for everyone. To hike, one must be flexible, alert, agile and fit. Hiking can take a toll on your body, if you are not completely fit.

There is no better way to attain a higher level of fitness than practicing yoga regularly. Yoga is not just good for your body but it also good for reviving your spirits and enhancing your mental faculties. In the following, we have listed some beneficial yoga poses for hikers.

Hero’s Pose:

It is an easy to do asana, which helps in strengthening and conditioning the feet, calves, and thighs. To perform Virasana or Hero’s Pose you will have to sit on the floor on top of the ankles. For this, you will have to fold your legs. The ankles should be positioned on the sides of the hip and not touch each other. Hiking puts a lot of stress on the ankles, heels, calves and thighs. The upward movement can tire the legs. Practicing Hero’s Pose everyday can help in increasing the strength of your both legs.

Standing Forward Bend:

It is necessary for every hiker to practice yoga moves that help in strengthening and making the hamstrings more flexible. Standing forward bend is beneficial for this matter. You will have to stand straight with your legs set apart and then bend forwards and then downwards to hold the ankles with your hands. This asana is also good for overall body flexibility and conditioning of the spine.

Extended Triangle Pose:

Stand straight near a wall with legs wide apart and the right foot pointing towards the wall on the right side. Touch the ground just behind the right foot with your right hand. When getting into this position, your left hand should rise upwards and head should face the ceiling. Do the same with your left leg extended towards the left wall after this.

Standing backbend:

The standing backbend posture helps in opening up the chest muscles and expands the chest so that you can take deep breaths. The stress of hiking might be too much for the muscles in your torso. Standing backbend stretches the muscles of your chest and abdomen and makes you more agile.


Hiking is a tough sport and it requires your body to be perfectly fit. To enhance your fitness level and becoming more agile you should practice some beneficial yoga poses regularly.

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