In this age old ancient discipline called Yoga, knowing the Pranayama or traditional breathing techniques is the primary requirement for any Yoga practitioner. The main objective of Pranayama is to help you attain relaxation by learning the […]

Yoga - Pranayama

Yoga is to focus on the present and give a good stretch to your body so that energy can flow freely in your body from head to toe. Here are some yoga tips and poses

Make Your Mornings More Mindful and Energetic with Yoga

It may be assumed that if you are reading this feature you or someone known to you is suffering from the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). You know the pain, constipation, bloating and diarrhea that the


Brittle bones, or osteoporosis, is most commonly diagnosed in women due to bone mass reduction. It is a serious medical condition that makes your bones weak. In serious cases, it can even make the person


Many people suggest meditation as a way of feeling and living good. How true is it? How much of a need for meditation exists? Meditation actually relaxes and soothes your mind. Hence, you need to

meditate without actually meditating

Travel Yoga as it is fondly called these days, has been on the rise for quite some time. The number of individuals visiting yoga retreats around the world along with the number of individuals hoping

Yoga is an Excellent Travel Companion

Introduction: Yoga is an exercise benefiting both the body and mind. It not only makes your body strong and prevents onslaught of diseases but it acts upon the nerves as well and brings tranquility to

Young attractive woman doing yoga

Yoga has been always popular as a practice that unites body, mind and soul and enhances a person’s quality of life. Two or three decades back it was known as a practice that spiritually enhances

unites body, mind and soul

Wellness travel has grown considerably over the past few years. A lot of consumers are opting for vacations that help them leave all the stresses and pressures of daily life behind as they relax the

yoga tourism

There is no dearth of reasons that can attract you to do yoga, and one of the reasons you are going to read in this article is sex. Besides giving you a healthy body and

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